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Victor Berger: Sewer Socialist

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On this day 162 years ago, Victor Luitpold Berger was born to a Jewish family within the Austrian Empire. When he was 18, he would immigrate to America with his parents to avoid military conscription, spending some time in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1881, he would then settle down in Milwaukee, which was a prime place for Socialism to take a foothold, due to their large German American Population.… Read more ...

Norman Thomas: The Socialist Minister

On this day 136 years ago, Norman Mattoon Thomas was born in Marion, Ohio. Being the first of six kids, Norman was always held to a high standard. Especially in a heavily Presbyterian household, becoming a minister in New York. His religious upbringing led him to become a conscientious objector during the first world war, which directly pushed him working with Socialist Party’s campaigns, due to them having an radical pacifist platform.… Read more ...

Howie Hawkins 2020 and Third Party Presidential Nominations

On May 28th Green Party founder and Perennial New York Candidate Howie Hawkins announced he’d run for the Green Party Presidential Nomination, later that same day the official Green Party twitter made a now deleted post commemorating his entry into the race. Immediately afterwards another Green Party Presidential Candidate, Ian Schlakman, immediately questioned the tweet calling to the attention the fact that they did not do so for the other Green Party Presidential Candidates.… Read more ...

Scott McLarty: What’ll Happen to Bernie’s Political Revolution After Hillary Wins the Nomination?

From Scott McLarty in CounterPunch, forwarded to me by the DC Statehood Green Party:

The question needs to be asked. What will Bernie Sanders’ supporters do when “We need a political revolution” inevitably turns into “We must vote for the lesser evil”?

It seems like bad manners to bring up the likelihood that Mr.… Read more ...

C-Span presents “The Contenders”, featuring some third party presidential candidates

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the story.

C-SPAN Will Present “The Contenders”, 14 Weekly Shows Featuring a Presidential Candidate Who Lost But Changed Policy
Ballot Access News / September 3rd, 2011

Starting September 9, C-SPAN will present a new series, “The Contenders”. Each of the fourteen shows will present the story of a presidential candidate who ran and lost, but who changed U.S.

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Ralph Nader: ‘Corporate socialism controls American government’

Dandelion Salad by way of On The Wilder Side:



Nader believes that Theodore Dreiser put it very well many years ago, when he said that “the corporations are the government”.

“Knowing they [corporations] can’t be out front because people don’t like a lot of these big corporations, they are ripped off by the banks and credit card companies, they camouflage and their camouflage is that they give the Tea Parties certain deceptive information and focus on certain politicians, and therefore they continue their work behind the scenes.

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Greenfield reviews new book on Progressive Party

In the Wall Street Journal, CBS News senior political correspondent Jeff Greenfield reviews the new book “Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party, and the Transformation of American Democracy” by Sidney Milkis.

Greenfield writews that of all the presidential campaigns in U.S. history, he would have most liked to cover “the Roosevelt-Wilson-Taft-Debs fight” of 1912.… Read more ...

Socialist Webzine: ‘Commemorating: The Espionage Act Trial of Eugene Debs Sept. 9 -12 1918’

Posted at Socialist Webzine:

from Wikipedia

On June 16, 1918, Debs made a speech in Canton, Ohio in opposition to World War I urging resistance to the military drafts of World War I. During the Palmer Raids, part of the First Red Scare in which people who were suspected of being radical leftists were arrested under fear that they would cause anarchism, Debs was arrested for violating the Espionage Act of 1917.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: On ‘leadership’

Posted at Knappster by Tom Knapp. Tom Knapp is a declared candidate for the 2012 Libertarian and Boston Tea Party presidential nominations, was a 2008 Libertarian congressional candidate and Boston Tea Party VP candidate, and has been a Libertarian Party candidate on several other occasions. He is also, as far as I know, still signed up to blog at IPR.Read more ...

The Indypendent: Third Parties’ impact on Presidential elections

By Alex Kane in the Indypendent

While no third party presidential candidate was able to crack the one percent threshold in this year’s election, third parties have long been an important part of the electoral process. Historically, third parties have sprung up from across the ideological spectrum. And although none has won the White House since Abraham Lincoln and the newly formed Republican Party triumphed in a four-way race in 1860, third parties have periodically made an impact by pushing issues into the mainstream that wouldn’t have otherwise received attention, or by garnering enough votes to affect the chances of major party candidates.

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Sonny Landham, Kentucky Libertarian for U.S. Senate, defends ‘camel-dung shovelers’ comments on youth radio show

When asked about high energy prices, Kentucky Libertarian for U.S. Senate Sonny Landham said we should release oil from the strategic oil reserve, drill in areas of the U.S. currently off-limits, and try to persuade OPEC to cut the price of oil. And if that doesn’t work, Mr. Landham said we should use military force to steal the oil.… Read more ...

1912: The most exciting presidential election in American history

In 1912, the sitting president — William Howard Taft — finished third in both the popular- and electoral-vote tallies. A former president, Theodore Roosevelt, led an insurgent new third-party movement, the Progressive or “Bull Moose” Party, which elected numerous legislators across the nation and led T.R. to a second-place finish, winning six states and 27.4% of the popular vote.… Read more ...