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Pat Buchanan: In the Pandemic, It’s Every Nation for Itself

Patrick J. Buchanan was the Reform Party’s 2000 presidential nominee. He published the following editorial yesterday on his official website Buchanan.org:

In the Pandemic, It's Every Nation for Itself

“For most men, the claims of the heart are superior to those of the mind… In a crisis, people put families, friends and country first.”

“The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time,” said Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey to a friend on the eve of Britain’s entry into the First World War.… Read more ...

Swiss election: Green parties ‘make historic gains’

Green parties’ gains would make them a major player in Swiss politics. From BBC.


Green parties have made strong gains in Switzerland’s parliamentary election, according to initial projections.

The anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party (SVP) is set to remain the largest party, despite losing at least 3% of its support.

But projections show a combined vote for the two green parties of around 20%.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: The Perfect President: “Herman Paul”

By Wayne Allyn Root:


The mainstream media seems to love the traditional status quo robots (Bush, Clinton, Gore, Bush Jr., Obama, Romney) who got us into this economic crisis of epic proportions — while despising and disregarding non-traditional candidates such as Ron Paul and Herman Cain.

 They make sure that only a Mitt Romney or Barack Obama with a certain look (well-groomed, attractive, nice suits, good hair), certain education (always Ivy League), and certain views (support the Fed, support corporate welfare, won’t cut spending too much, won’t rock the boat) are portrayed as “popular mainstream candidates.”… Read more ...

NY Times reports on minor parties in Switzerland

From the New York Times:

But Switzerland, which may be the world’s most direct democracy, takes fringiness to an entirely different level. Here, any citizen over the age of 18 can start a political party. To get on the ballot for Parliament’s lower house, all a party needs are 100 to 400 voter signatures, depending on the size of the canton.

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How do the paths of various European Green Parties compare?

The following is an excerpt of an interesting, and brief, editorial from a Finnish news site about how the political choices of their own country’s Green Party compares to those of Green Parties in neighboring nations:

The core of the Green movement is concern over the environment. However, environmental questions are no longer the sole property of the Greens.

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Another Green World: Greens go Orange!

From Another Green World via On The Wilder Side:

The London Guantánamo Campaign will hold a silent vigil to mark the 9th anniversary of the opening of Guantánamo Bay on Tuesday, 11 January 2011, from 1-2pm, at the top of Trafalgar Square (opposite the National Gallery). All London MPs and MEPs have been invited.… Read more ...

France’s two leading environmental parties start on the path to a merger

From MonstersandCritics.com:

Les Verts (the Greens) and the Europe Ecologie (EE) parties meet Saturday in Lyon for a congress to approve the merger and agree on a new name for the future party.

Les Verts were established in 1984 in a fusion of an environmentalist party and various groups, and in 1997 they gained seven seats in the national parliament.

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European Schizophrenia About the Far Right: The European Union wrestles with ways to foster minority viewpoints without subsidizing tomorrow’s Hitlers

By Michael Scott Moore

Germany’s neo-Nazi party, the National Democratic Party, has had a bad year. Trouble with the federal government and a bad round of elections dashed its ambitions for 2009 — the party wanted to gain influence, not lose it, in a number of German states — which is good news.… Read more ...

News from Greens abroad

The following are some recent news items concerning Green Parties from around the world:

  • Australian Green Party helps to defeat climate bill in Australia that is seen by them as too weak.  It would have required a 25% cut of emissions below 2000 levels by 2020, although “carbon credits,” aka offsets, would have been counted as emissions reductions.
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On The Wilder Side: European Green Party youtube videos

Posted at On The Wilder Side. Click titles for links.

Irish Green Party election broadcast 2009:

Irish Green Party Election Broadcast 2009. On June 5th Deirdre de Burca and Dan Boyle ran to create thousands of new green jobs. Think big, vote Green.

http://vote.greenparty.ie. Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/greenparty_ie

Think Again, Vote Green

Vote for the Green Party in the upcoming European Election on 4th June.Read more ...

European Union Greens issue strong statement regarding bluefin tuna quotas

Bluefin tuna is one of the most endangered fish species on the planet, and yet it is the most expensive and in very high demand. With this bad combination – along with pressure from the industry and consumers – the European Union set out recently to set new quotas for each nation for how much tuna they could catch.… Read more ...