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Farid Khavari Qualifies For Florida Ballot


(The following was originally posted on Farid Khavari’s Facebook page.)

It’s official! Papers filed and fees paid, I am on the 2014 ballot as an independent (no party affiliation) candidate for Florida governor. I am running for you and your family and 99% of Floridians. 

Rick Scott was elected by less than 22% of Florida voters, Charlie Crist was elected by less than 25%, each with about 2.5 million votes.Read more ...

Farid Khavari: Making Healthcare Available To Every Floridian Isn’t Just the Right Thing To Do, It’s Good Economics Too


(The following was originally published on Independent Florida gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s website.)

Expanding Medicaid to cover 1.1 million more Floridians will create at least 50,000 jobs, too. Eventually those 50,000 jobs will create 200,000 more.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the legislature are bravely sacrificing 6,250 Floridians’ lives this year, and every year, for ideology.… Read more ...

Farid Khavari: SuperClinics Will Create 100,000 SuperJobs


(The following was originally published on Independent Florida gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

Those paychecks will create 200,000 more jobs. That’s 30% of the 1,000,000 new middle class jobs we will create in Florida when I am governor, at no cost to taxpayers.

Here is how we will create 100,000 SuperJobs in Florida within two years while tackling the biggest challenge we face for the future: health care.… Read more ...

Farid Khavari: Eliminate Corporate Welfare in Florida, the Real Cost Only Begins With the Rip Offs


(The following was originally published on Independent Florida gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

Big Money Special Interests spend almost $1,000,000 per legislator in Florida every year, just to pay lobbyists. This does not include the countless millions in campaign funds, PAC funds and other incentives offered to our politicians.… Read more ...

Farid Khavari: A $10.10 Minimum Wage Will Boost Florida’s Economy


(The following was posted on economist on Independent gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

A $10.10 or higher minimum wage will boost Florida’s economy, create more jobs and reduce government social costs. Independent Florida governor candidate, economist Farid Khavari says conservatives should love higher minimum wages even more than liberals do.

Read more ...

Farid Khavari Issues Statement on Civil Disobedience


(The following was posted of Farid Khavari’s Facebook wall.)


Civil disobedience (without violence) is a tradition going back to the colonial days. Look at what civil disobedience has brought about in civil rights, ending the Vietnam war, –and look at Gandhi in India (I lived during that era in India and witnessed it firsthand)—and calling attention to various injustices.… Read more ...

Farid Khavari: How We Can Create 1,000,000 Good Middle Class Jobs In Florida


(The following was originally published on Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

Those jobs will be real middle class jobs, not just part-time or minimum wage jobs. Many will be “SuperJobs”. In 10 minutes you will know that we can do this.

Let’s look at the kinds of jobs we need, and why, and then I will explain exactly how we will create them at no cost to the taxpayers.… Read more ...

Is Farid Khavari a liberal or conservative, tea partier, progressive, environmentalist, libertarian or what?


(The following was originally posted on Independent Florida Gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari’s campaign website.)

It’s hard to pin a label on the increasingly popular independent candidate in the Florida governor’s race. Supporters from across the political spectrum see Khavari as the antidote to Florida’s poisoned pay-for-play politics.  The straight-talking economist’s plan for Florida provides practical answers to real issues that matter to the people of Florida: from jobs, low wages and escalating costs of insurance, interest, health care, and higher education, to clean water, to medical marijuana and more.… Read more ...

Brian Moore Slams Rick Scott’s Economic Plan

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

Stumping for independent aspirant Farid Khavari in Florida’s gubernatorial campaign, Brian P. Moore, a former Democratic candidate for governor, spared few adjectives in criticizing Republican Rick Scott’s plan to create a meager 700,000 jobs in the Sunshine State over the next seven years.

Describing Scott’s jobs program as “unachievable, insufficient and wrong-headed,” the 67-year-old Moore said that Scott’s much-touted “7-7-7 Plan” would do little to ease recession-ravaged Florida’s jobless crisis and even less to alleviate the state’s looming fiscal crisis.

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Khavari/Richardson update

Farid Khavari and Darcy Richardson are running as an independent ticket for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Florida. The following articles are posted by Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

‘A Banker’s Heart’: Khavari’s Running Mate Assails Alex Sink for Masquerading as a Democrat

Halloween began early for at least one Democrat in the Sunshine State.

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Florida: Khavari Campaign “Launches Radio War on (Economic) Terror”

Farid Khavari, independent candidate for governor of Florida, began airing his campaign’s first radio ads today:

The campaign issued a press release to accompany the ad, as follows:


“Rick Scott’s company stole over a billion dollars from taxpayers,” a female voice says from the speaker of a radio somewhere in Florida, “and Alex Sink ran our state pension system into the ground.

Read more ...

TPID: Interview with Darcy Richardson

Last week at Third Party and Independent Daily, I published a lengthy three-part interview with Darcy Richardson.  Darcy is a veteran independent political activist, a historian of the third party and independent political tradition in the United States, and a candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Florida, running on the Independent gubernatorial ticket of economist and author Farid Khavari. … Read more ...