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Posts tagged as “Farmer Labor Party”

Time Capsule: Farmer-Labor Party’s Norma Lundeen Seeks Late Husband’s Seat in U.S. Senate

Minnesota’s Norma Lundeen, widow of the Farmer-Labor Party’s Ernest Lundeen, an isolationist who was later accused of being a Nazi sympathizer, unexpectedly entered the race for her late husband’s U.S. Senate seat in July of 1942.

Lundeen’s husband, who had been tragically killed in a plane crash near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia two years earlier, was reportedly under investigation by the FBI at the time of his death.… Read more ...

Floyd Olson: Radical Turned ‘Greatest Governor’

On this day 130 years ago: Floyd Bjørnstjerne Olson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota to an immigrant working class family. He spent his early life working odd jobs that ended up pushing him into the arms of the Industrial Workers of the World, where he began being introduced to more radical ideas of politics, while perusing a law degree.… Read more ...