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Ballot access case in Georgia will go to the next level

(excerpt from) Atlanta Progressive News
Independent, Coffield, to Appeal Ballot Access Ruling

by Matthew Cardinale / June 21, 2009

(APN) ATLANTA — A federal judge has ruled against independent candidate Faye Coffield, who in 2008 lost in her struggle to gain ballot access in Georgia’s 4th US Congressional District race against US Rep.

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Georgia independent challenges ballot access laws

Faye Coffield, an independent running for Congress in Georgia (who was also Cynthia McKinney’s private investigator at one time), is challenging the consitutionality of Georgia’s ballot access laws. They currently require 15,000 signatures for an independent to get on the ballot, or 5% of the popular vote in the last election.… Read more ...

Georgia U.S. House candidate runs as Bull Moose

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Loren Collins, a write-in candidate for Georgia’s Fourth District U.S. House seat, has declared he is the candidate of a revived Bull Moose Party. In a statement, he said, “The Bull Moose Party is intended to stand as a refuge for economically conservative Democrats, socially liberal Republicans, classic liberals and libertarians.”… Read more ...