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Libertarians to Bernanke: You’re wrong

WASHINGTON – Libertarian Party Chair Mark Hinkle issued the following statement today:

"Associated Press reports today that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is telling Congress they must not cut federal spending sharply. Chairman Bernanke, you’re wrong.

"The federal government is currently spending somewhere around 24% of America’s total economic output — even more if you ignore the government’s accounting gimmick of ‘offsetting receipts.’… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: Freedom Fighters and Public-Sector Unions

by Darrell Castle
Constitution Party National Committee Vice-Chairman

What do the people rioting in the Middle East and the people protesting reductions in public-sector union bargaining rights have in common?

Not much, but the driving force behind each of them is similar, and that driving force is economic hardship.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Letter to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on Fannie and Freddie’

By Ralph Nader at

Dear Chairman Bernanke:

On July 17, 2008, David Rogers, the respected Congressional reporter for Politico wrote an article titled “Pelosi-Paulson tension Rises,” in which he had the following paragraph:

“Earlier in the day, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke assured lawmakers that Fannie and Freddie, the two government-supported enterprises, are ‘adequately capitalized’ and ‘in no danger of failing.’”… Read more ...