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FSP: Trans and Gender Diverse Liberation: A socialist feminist journey

From the Freedom Socialist Party website
August 2013

The heroes of the 1969 rebellion at the Stonewall Inn in New York certainly weren’t shy about who they were! Prominent in their ranks were sex workers and those who we would today call trans and gender diverse. They fought alongside other working class queers of colour.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: Feminism and the crisis in the British Socialist Workers Party

Feminism and the crisis in the British Socialist Workers Party

Toward the end of 2012, two members of the British Socialist Workers Party charged a national leader with rape and sexual assault. The manner in which these allegations were handled by the party leadership has shaken the organization to the core and opened up a public discussion about the SWP’s positions on feminism and democratic centralism and about whether cases of rape within a revolutionary party are matters for the police.… Read more ...

Freedom Socialist Party: 30 years of revolutionary feminism Down Under


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April-May 2013 – Volume 34, No.Read more ...

Newsweek story features Green Party women leaders: Renate Künast, Wangari Maathai, and Elizabeth May

Thanks to Green Party Watch for the tip. At GPW, there are excerpts about the three, green women mentioned in the story.

At Newsweek, there is a story with title and tag-lines: “Empowering Women and Saving the Environment. Mothering the Earth. Grassroots activists are showing women how to clean up the environment while empowering themselves.”… Read more ...

ABBA great helps boost feminism and ballot equality in Sweden

Sunday, June 7, 2009, in Sweden are elections for the European Union parliament. (The EU election date for other countries varies.) One of the newer parties vying for a seat at the table is the “Feminist Initiative” (FI!), a party which includes men and women putting forth a feminist platform.… Read more ...