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Libertarian Party Makes A Financial Turnaround

The Libertarian National Committee, based on recent Federal Election Committee (FEC) reports, appears to have made a financial turnaround.

The Libertarian National Committee, also known as the LNC, ended 2018 with $13,728 in cash on hand and almost $150,000 in debt and obligations owed to other entities. These debts included more than $50,000 owed to the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans for the 2018 convention, $27,702 to Blackbaud for the annual licensing of software used by the LNC, and various other debts owed to 18 other vendors and contractors.… Read more ...

Gold America Group compares national level Green and Libertarian Party spending and income patterns

H/T George Phillies. Please note that this analysis pertains only to national party spending, not state and local party spending or spending by individual campaigns.

Posted at Gold America Group:

Green Party in Apparent Decline

This article began as a comparison of Green and Libertarian Party spending and income patterns.… Read more ...