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The Great Debate: Australia Sex Party vs. Family First

From the Australian Sex Party newsletter:

Sex Party welcomes national sex and morality debate with Family First: “We’re Ready When You Are!”

Appearing on national television Thursday morning for a panel discussion regarding the sexual politics of the upcoming federal election, Australian Sex Party President and Victorian Senate Candidate Fiona Patten welcomed the idea of a debate with Family First Senator Steven Fielding, on the social and moral issues which are being increasingly ignored by the major parties in the lead-up to polling day.… Read more ...

The Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten Detained by Victorian Police

By Sean Nicholls & Leesha McKenny

WHAT HAVE WE HERE?The Australian Sex Party’s candidate in the Higgins byelection on Saturday, Fiona Patten, may lodge an official complaint with the Australian Electoral Commission after she was detained by Victorian police on the morning of the poll. Patten gained an impressive 3.27 per cent of the vote but had a hard time convincing local police that she was a candidate.… Read more ...