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Green Party Strategy in 2011

From Michael Kwiatkowski at FireDogLake via TPID:

I’m going to be attending a meeting of the Northeast Ohio Green Party on the 18th of January. We’ll be discussing strategies for future elections in Ohio, particularly Northeast Ohio. This is especially important in light of the GOP’s efforts to remove two of Ohio’s Democrats from Congress by way of redistricting, likely Dennis Kucinich, Marcia Fudge, Betty Sutton, or Marcy Kaptur.

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Firedoglake Blog Posts Extensive Analysis of Proposition 14

Ballot Access News:

Firedoglake has this detailed analysis of California’s Proposition 14, the top-two ballot measure in the June 8, 2010 primary. Firedoglake was founded in 2004 by Jane Hamsher, and has received award for being one of the best political blogs. It now has 20 writers. This particular analysis is by Jon Walker.

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Fire Dog Lake ponders endorsing Dennis Spisak (OH Governor, Green)

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Vaughn Stull:

Fire Dog Lake ponders endorsing Dennis Spisak (OH Governor, Green)


FDL, Please Support Dennis Spisak for Ohio Governor
By: El Duderino

I am asking FDL to formally endorse Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak for governor of Ohio. This is not something I write lightly.… Read more ...

Major labor union working against Democrats, forming third party in North Carolina

Apparently inspired by certain Democrats voting against the health insurance reform, the Service Employees International Union – a union representing over 2 million workers – is surprisingly planning to work against Democrats this election season.

Perhaps the strongest challenge to Democrats, if not the Democratic establishment itself, will be in North Carolina. … Read more ...