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Augustus Invictus Searches for Assistant on Facebook

In search of a campaign assistant, Augustus Sol Invictus, a candidate for the Florida Libertarian Party’s 2016 nomination for U.S. Senate, posted the following to his Facebook page this past Monday:

I need a new assistant immediately. Requirements:
– Cannot be a friend of mine. Familiarity makes for horrible pace and work quality.

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2014 Florida LP Gubernatorial Candidate Adrian Wyllie Overwhelmingly Wins Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County Straw Poll

From Wyllie for Governor Facebook page: 

Libertarian Party of Hillsborough County Gubernatorial Straw Poll results (3/27/13):

Adrian Wyllie^ 87%

Roger Stone* 13%

John Wayne Smith^ 0%

Declared candidate^ Potential candidate*

Adrian Wyllie is the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF). He announced his candidacy for governor on January 10, 2013.… Read more ...

Florida LP Chair Adrian Wyllie: Prosecution Caught Unprepared, “Huge” REAL ID Court Challenge Rescheduled

Emailed to IPR:

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA – The State of Florida is facing a legal challenge to the new driver’s license requirements as mandated by the Department of Homeland Security under the REAL ID Act. Libertarian Party of Florida Chairman and syndicated radio talk host Adrian Wyllie was cited for driving without a license, and will argue that the new DL requirements force citizens to waive their constitutional rights in order to be granted the “privilege” of driving.… Read more ...