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Alex Snitker: ‘Selling Out Our Children’s Education’

Column by Florida Libertarian US Senate candidate Alex Snitker emailed to

The United States Constitution gives the federal government the authority to do quite a few things. Meddling in our children’s education isn’t one of them. But that hasn’t stopped them from spending another $4.35 billion in stimulus money under the guise of reforming K-12 public education.… Read more ...

Independent Still Leads in Florida Poll for U.S. Senate Race

Ballot Access News:

On July 13, a Reuters/Ipsos poll was released for the U.S. Senate race in Florida. Independent candidate Charlie Crist has 35%; Republican Marco Rubio 28%; Democrat Kendrick Meek 17%. See this story.

The Florida primary has not been held yet, and it is possible the Democratic nominee will be Jeff Greene, not Kendrick Meek.… Read more ...