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Wayne Root Comments on FOX News Featured on Jon Stewart Show

Email from Wayne Root to IPR:

Wayne Root continues to attract media attention.

Yes, he was a guest on 30+ shows in the past couple of weeks- as usual.

But Wayne’s appearances on FOX News actually get noticed and discussed by other mainstream media.

A year ago NBC News aired a one hour special on the Obama White House.… Read more ...

Wayne Root Debating Jesse Jackson’s Daughter on #1 Rated Morning Show in USA “Fox & Friends”

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Jesse Ventura in the media

Former independent governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura has been causing a stir in the media lately.  He has been on the View, FOX and Friends, and Sean Hannity’s show, among other outlets.  In his usual outspoken style, Ventura has been calling for the prosecution of officials involved with torture.  Ventura himself was actually waterboarded during his Navy Seals training, as he speaks about in the FOX and Friends clips below.… Read more ...