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Libertarian Party of Colorado: Why Colorado Should Embrace Fracking

Why Colorado Should Embrace Fracking

Published June 13, 2013

By the Libertarian Party of Colorado

People like to solve problems, and in a market where ideas are free to be tested, the most beautiful process unfolds. As soon as people of any industry recognize the implications of solving one problem or another, professionals from all over will flock to ground zero and put their heads together.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania Green Party Called for Fracking Ban on Earth Day

The following comes from an April 23rd article on

Rush-hour traffic zipped by them. The chilly wind blew through them. But that did not prevent some 30 determined environmentalists and conservationists from bringing their battle against “fracking,” a controversial drilling process using pressurized fluids to bring natural gas to the surface, to the streets of downtown Norristown in time for Monday’s Earth Day.… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party to Gov. Quinn: You Can’t Frack Your Way Out of a Budget Crisis

  • *Greens to participate in March 12 lobby day to support fracking moratorium bill (SB1418)

Green Party leaders blasted Gov. Quinn’s claim, in his annual budget address, that hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — “is coming to Illinois,” as if it were inevitable, disrespecting the efforts of thousands of activists and concerned citizens struggling to prevent fracking operations here.

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