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Fred Thiele Happy About Ideas Being Incorporated Into Solar Energy Plan

Fred Thiele is a member of the New York House of Representatives and a prominent member of the Independence Party of New York. He recently had his ideas incorporated into Governor Cuomo’s solar energy proposal and was pretty pleased about it.

Thiele stated, “If we are to be truly energy independent and reduce energy costs on Long Island, we must provide incentives to encourage the production of solar and other alternative sources of energy.

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New York Independence Party Legislator Wants to Repeal Salt Water Fishing License

Fred Thiele is one of two members of the New York Assembly (the Lower house) who is a member of the Independence Party of New York. Assemblyman Thiele has introduced a bill to repeal the State Salt Water Fishing License Law.

Thiele stated, “While questions of fact remain concerning the type of fish which are subject to the state law, the specific town fishing regulations, and the exact boundaries or waterways over which the Towns claim jurisdiction, it is clear in his ruling against the State that Justice Sweeney accepts the premise that the Towns have jurisdiction over their waterways and that the State went far beyond the federal Magnuson-Stevens Act.

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New York Independence Party Leader Hired by Democrats

Senate Democrats in New York have hired an influential Independence Party leader for $55,000 a year to run community outreach. While Senate Democrats have said the move is based purely upon credentials, some have questioned whether the move might be an effort to purchase the Independence Party line for Democratic state Senators in close races.… Read more ...