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WATCH HERE: Free & Equal Election’s Open 2020 Presidential Debate (October 24)

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate yesterday in Cheyenne, Wyoming featuring third party and independent presidential candidates.  Video of the debate from the YouTube broadcast is embedded below.

The debate begins around the 9:17:00 mark:

Participants included:

Blankenship confirmed for the event but ultimately decided not to participate.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Elections: Information about Today’s Debate

Free & Equal Elections Foundation sent out the following presser yesterday advertising the debate taking place later today and how you can watch it.  Like the last debate, Libertarian presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen will not participate.

This Saturday, October 24th at 6pm MT, Free & Equal presents our 3rd Open Presidential Debate of 2020.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Elections: Third Open Presidential Debate Announced for October 24th

Free & Equal Elections Foundation sent out the following press release announcing a third presidential debate scheduled for October 24.  Several candidates have been invited including Libertarian Party presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen who chose not to participate in the second Free & Equal debate last week.

Read more ...

Free & Equal: It’s Almost Debate Time!

Free & Equal Elections Foundation just sent out the following reminder about the third party candidates presidential debate today:

Don’t miss the Free and Equal Open Presidential Debate, tonight at 8pm EDT/6pm MDT.

It’s been an overwhelming year, and in the face of so much uncertainty, your government owes you something.… Read more ...

Free & Equal Elections: Introducing United We Stand Sessions

Free & Equal Elections yesterday sent the following email to supporters to introduce its new web series: 

Free & Equal Elections is launching United We Stand Sessions, a new web series that will feature thought leaders live every Wednesday at 9am Pacific and led by Free & Equal founder Christina Tobin.… Read more ...

Foster Gamble: “A thorough ‘libertarian’ would be a ‘voluntaryist’ or ‘anarchist.'”


Foster Gamble, one of the heirs to the Proctor & Gamble fortune, writer, host and producer of the 2011 documentary THRIVE, and self-described “radical voluntaryist” has published a detailed essay titled, “Defining Politics: Knowing what we are talking about could save our lives” on his Thrive Movement BLOG.  … Read more ...

Free and Equal Elections Foundation Seeking Volunteers

free and equal

(The following was posted on the Free and Equal Elections Foundation Facebook page.)

Want to volunteer for the Free & Equal Network? We are seeking passionate and dedicated people who have experience in honest media!

Experience needed in audio/video production/recording/editing and other skills necessary to helping our production team get the job done.Read more ...

United We Stand Festival Ignites a Wave of Action Among Independent Journalists and Active Citizens

united we stand

(The following was originally published on UnitedStatesMarijuana.com)

The “United We Stand” festival kicked off on May 10th in downtown Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater with musical guests Immortal Technique, Wu-tang Clan, Rooftop Revolutionaries, A-Alikes, Sounds of Solidarity, Kellee Maize, and Chuck D of Public Enemy. Social activists on a #waveofaction at the festival included comedian Lee Camp, Green party political candidates Rosa Clemente and Jill Stein, March Against Monsanto founder Tami Canal, Emma Cape of Free Chelsea Manning, Diane Goldstein of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, authors Rosa Koire, Ellen Brown, and David Swanson, and dozens more.Read more ...

Zak Cruise Carter: 4 Point Plan to Damage Commission on Presidential Debates in 2016 and Make Green Party a Major Contender

I was sent the following note via the message funtion on Facebook.  I thought Mr. Carter made some good points, and decided to share this with IPR readers.  I don’t know much about Zak Cruise Carter , besides what I’ve read on Facebook.

Greetings Jill! Thanks for sending the friend request!… Read more ...

All-Presidential-Candidates-Invited Debate Set For October 23rd, Chicago

Christina Tobin, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Free and Equal Elections has announced a Presidential Candidates debate for October 23rd, 8:30 PM Central time at the University Club of Chicago with invitations to all candidates with a mathematical chance of winning the Electoral College. See:

This debate is scheduled to occur the day after the last of the three currently scheduled as two-candidate only debates produced by the Commission on Presidential Debates.… Read more ...