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WATCH HERE: Free & Equal Election’s Open 2020 Presidential Debate (October 8)

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation held a debate yesterday in Denver featuring third party and independent presidential candidates.  Video of the debate from the Facebook broadcast is embedded below:


Participants included:

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Free & Equal: Five Candidates Confirmed for October 8 Open Presidential Debate

Free & Equal sent out the following press release yesterday concerning its upcoming presidential debate:

Free & Equal Elections Foundation announces its second open Presidential debate of the 2020 US Presidential election, scheduled for October 8, 2020 at 6pm MDT in Denver, Colorado.

Ten presidential candidates have been invited, and five are already confirmed to participate in person at this historic debate.… Read more ...

Free And Equal Elections to host Minor Party Debate March 4th


Electoral reform organization, Free & Equal Elections is set to host a multi-party open Presidential Debate on March 4th, co-hosted by Open the Debates, an organization with similar intentions.

All 2020 Presidential candidates are invited to participate, however only 18 have been confirmed to attend:

    • Robert Ardini, Republican Party
    • Ken Armstrong, Libertarian Party
    • Don Blankenship, Constitution Party
    • Brian Carroll, American Solidarity Party
    • Mark Charles, Independent
    • Souraya Faas, Libertarian Party
    • Erik Gerhardt, Libertarian Party
    • Howie Hawkins, Green Party
    • Zoltan Istvan, Republican Party
    • Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party
    • Adam Kokesh, Libertarian Party
    • Charles Kraut, Constitution Party
    • Gloria La Riva, Party for Socialism and Liberation
    • J.R.
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Christina Tobin interviews Richard Winger

Christina Tobin, the president of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, interviewed ballot access expert and publisher of Ballot Access News Richard Winger yesterday (video length: 25 minutes):

https://www.facebook.com/freeandequal/videos/vb.45413563867/10155428269108868/?type=2&theaterRead more ...

Free and Equal: United We Stand Festival Details Released

Published on the Independent American & Constitutional Review (IACR) on June 22, 2013 by Joshua Fauver.

The following was posted on the United We Stand Festival website.

“If ever you can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required: young people would have to be involved and you would need music.”Read more ...

Free & Equal: The Thrive Movement supports United We Stand Festival

Posted on Free and Equal Elections Foundation’s  website on June 12th:

Free & Equal is pleased to announce that Foster and Kimberly Gamble, creators of “THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?” will be speaking at the United We Stand Festival in Los Angeles scheduled to take place in October on the UCLA campus.… Read more ...

Free & Equal: United We Stand Festival Expanding, Changing Venue

Press Release

June 8, 2013

Mega stars being added to perform and speak at The United We Stand Festival!

Several sincere and independent high profile people are working with us on their schedules so they too may join the platform to AWAKE the sleeping NATION.

As you know, the planning of UWS has been the main focus at Free & Equal for the past several months.… Read more ...

Free & Equal: Saving Abel to Rock The Nation Awake at United We Stand Fest


Saving Abel to Rock the Nation Awake and Bring Down 

The Giant Two-Party Stranglehold on Elections 

Saving Abel has released albums under the Virgin Records and eOne Music labels (Saving Abel, Miss America, Bringing Down the Giant). The band toured relentlessly with Nickelback, shared the stage with Creed and played for US troops in Kuwait and at Guantanamo Bay.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of NY State Convention: Report and photos

Flickr Photos: here

A quick report from Kimberly Wilder, contributor at Independent Political Report:

I attended the Libertarian Party of New York State Convention as a press person and a third party activist (enrolled “blank/independent). These are some quick observations, which I will expand later in the post and/or comments section.… Read more ...

KY GOP Chair Threatens Over LP Candidate

Kentucky GOP Chair threatens Republican primary candidates

Even as Texas Governor and Republican Governors Association Chair Rick Perry encouraged Republican unity in the Kentucky gubernatorial race, saying that “there are those out there who will say 2010 was a fluke” and that Kentucky Republicans need to “send a strong message across this country that 2010 was real,” the Chair of the Kentucky GOP began threatening Tea Party-backed Republican candidates.… Read more ...

Free & Equal: Georgia election reform hearings may undo the legacy of hate

From a media release by Free & Equal:

In 1964, the federal government reacted to a shameful but undeniable truth, that in many places in our country the most fundamental element of American freedom, the right to vote in a fair election process, was not only failing, it was being intentionally misused.… Read more ...