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Posts tagged as “Free Talk Live”

Ian Freeman, co-chair of the NH Liberty Party, nets 1.5% of the vote in New Hampshire gubernatorial primary

Today, New Hampshire held its duopoly primaries. Ian Freeman, one of the co-founders and co-chairs of the NH Liberty Party, a libertarian, single-state party founded in September 2012 which emphasizes the idea of New Hampshire peacefully and voluntarily seceding from the United States, competed in the Democratic Party nomination for governor.… Read more ...

Free Talk Live host: Mary Ruwart ‘my hero’

Although Free Talk Live host, Ian Bernard, reportedly quit the Libertarian Party amid Corygate, he has nonetheless issued a ringing endorsement of Mary Ruwart for the LP’s presidential nomination.

“Mary Ruwart is my hero. LP presidential races are about communicating the message of liberty, and Mary is one of the best at doing just that!”

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