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John Stossel Coming to Freedom Fest

Stossel coming to Freedom Fest

Bret H. Pojunis of the Libertarian National Committee has this event page on Facebook:

STOSSEL Show Filming Free & Open to the Public at Freedomfest!

John Stossel is taping the Stossel Show brought to you by Fox Business and Freedom Fest from 6 – 9 pm on Thursday, July 11th in the Celebrity Ballroom at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.… Read more ...

Wayne Root Opens Freedom Fest – “the world’s largest gathering of free minds”

Wayne Root Opens Freedom Fest
Wayne Root speaks at major political and Tea Party events across the USA.

This video is Wayne’s speech that opened FreedomFest.

Wayne opened the event as keynote speaker in front of several thousand attendees at “the world’s largest gathering of free minds”:

Read more ...

Carlos A Rodriguez-Freedom Fest: Does it live up to the hype?

FREEDOM FEST: Does it live up to the hype?

This was my second year in a row attending Freedomfest in Las Vegas, Nevada.. The conference which bills itself as the “world’s largest gathering of free minds” is held yearly in mid July in Bally’s on the strip. Last year, I attended as candidate for Congress and had an amazing time meeting libertarian titans such as David Nolan (R.I.P.),… Read more ...

Wayne Allyn Root to Host Welcome Event at FreedomFest in Las Vegas

Via email and LP blog:

Libertarian National Committee member Wayne Allyn Root has been honored by being named the host of the Welcome Event at the 2011 FreedomFest in Las Vegas.

Here’s part of the press release from Root for America on this honor:

“. . . . I wanted to invite my thousands of friends and fans to Las Vegas from July 14 to July 16th for the biggest freedom bash of the year- FreedomFest 2011.… Read more ...

Barr at Freedom Fest: Another perspective

Earlier, IPR reported on a pair of incidents between Bob Barr and rank-and-file libertarians at Freedom Fest, in which Barr allegedly refused to give them the time of day. In our comments section emerged this counter-report from Justin Grover, an unpaid volunteer at Freedom Fest.

Mr. Grover claims Marc Victor, a libertarian portrayed sympathetically by the Classically Liberal blog which was the source for IPR’s first report, was “demanding” and “hostile and peevish” when first approaching the Barr booth.… Read more ...

Classically Liberal: Barr ‘always accompanied by handlers’ to keep libertarians away

“Barr is always accompanied by handlers whose job is to keep libertarians away from their presidential candidate so they can’t ask him questions about his Big Government positions,” says CLS of the Classically Liberal blog.

Referring to an encounter between Marc Victor, an attorney and sometimes radio host, and Bob Barr at last weekend’s Freedom Fest, which Barr chose to attend instead of Ron Paul’s Revolution March, CLS reports the following: “Marc says that when he brought up Barr’s anti-libertarian position on drugs that Barr glared at him and then gave one of his handlers a signal.… Read more ...