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Green Party of New York State and Onthewilderside responses to Cuomo’s ‘Unconstitutional Fraud on Voters’

Ian Wilder of onthewilderside* writes: The Green Party press release below points out that Governor Cuomo is looking to make bad law worse in the name of making it better. New York has a terrible party system, where the same candidate can clog up the ballot running on a multitude of lines.Read more ...

NY Green Party Selects Peace Sign as Ballot Symbol

As posted by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com:

Greens Rule Out Fusion, Will Run Their Own Candidates

Since receiving the ballot line, Greens have run in three elections. Alex White received 9 percent of the vote in a three-way special election for Mayor of Rochester on March 29. Jason West, a Green Party member running on the village party Cooperative line, recaptured his position on May 3 as Mayor of New Paltz after a four years out of office.… Read more ...

Oregon Independent Party Legislative Nominee in November 2010 Set 80-Year Record

Ballot Access News:

On November 2, the Oregon Independent Party nominee for State Representative, 48th district, polled 42.71% of the vote in a two-person race against the incumbent Democrat. The Independent Party nominee was Jeff Caton, a professional financial planner. Although Oregon permits fusion, Caton was not the nominee of any party other than the Independent Party.… Read more ...

The fate of New York’s cross-endorsing parties

Austin Cassidy reports at Uncovered Politics that the New York Taxpayers Party will probably not qualify for a ballot line:

In New York, which allows fusion, it seems that finding statewide results broken down by party is nearly impossible. The state’s Board of Elections certainly doesn’t do it. Their idea of election night reporting is a letter explaining why they won’t bother, because it’s very hard to collect such information and report it.

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‘The New Yorker”s Hendrik Hertzberg examines New York’s history of fusion on his blog

Inspired by a discussion on the National Popular Vote Plan, Hendrik Hertzberg recently wrote a blog post about third parties in New York state and the state’s practice of fusion, in which more than one party can endorse one candidate.  Tied in with the history is Hertzberg’s personal history, as his father was a key official in the Liberal Party during the 1950s. … Read more ...

Hawkins calls on Cuomo to come clean, drop Independence Party line

From New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins:

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, called today upon his Democratic opponent, Andrew Cuomo, to reject the Independence Party line following several new scandals involving payments by billionaire NYC Mayor Bloomberg and a loan to the wife of the state party chairperson by a NYC candidate.… Read more ...

Albany Times Union prints opinion piece in favor of making ballot access less strict

Read the full piece here.

The most successful minor parties survive by simply endorsing one of the major party candidates for governor, in the hopes that 50,000 New Yorkers will vote for that candidate, but on a protest line. If the candidate has made, or is believed to have the potential to make, decisions in contradiction to the ideology of the minor party whose line he or she won, the minor party’s beliefs and purpose are compromised.

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BAN: South Carolina Greens Run Their First Gubernatorial Nominee

From Ballot Access News:

On May 1, the South Carolina Green Party state convention nominated candidates for office, including the party’s first gubernatorial nominee in this state. He is Morgan Bruce Reeves, whose web page, www.morganreevesforgovernor.com, is at this link. The web page shows a 3-minute clip from a past Spartans-Trojans football game in which Reeves, who played in that game, received prominent attention.

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New York Democrat to face third party challenge from unlikely foe

The Working Families Party in New York is seriously considering running a candidate against Democratic congressman Mike Arcuri because of his “no” vote on the health reform bill.  Typically, the Working Families Party cross-endorses Democratic candidates through a practice called fusion, where multiple parties can endorse the same candidate.  However, in this case, the party feels that “this is a fault-line moment.” … Read more ...

WFP Executive Director: ‘Working Families Party will use its power to stir things up’

In New York State, along with several other states, multiple parties can endorse a single candidate in an election.  This is called fusion, and it is frequently used by the Working Families Party, although they do occassionally run candidates of their own.  The party mostly endorses Democrats, and has become a somewhat large and powerful organizational structure in New York politics. … Read more ...

NYC: Candidate contributions are campaign expenditures

In New York State, there is “fusion”, where a candidate can be on a major party ballot line, as well as on a third party ballot line. This new decision, made by the New York City Campaign Finance Board, will most likely affect how third parties interact with candidates in New York City races.… Read more ...

NY State Democratic party boss hints he wants to abolish fusion

The full story is at Newsday: here.

Richard Winger commented on the situation at Ballot Access News
New York State Democratic Party Chair Hints He Wants to Abolish Fusion
September 13th, 2009

Jay Jacobs, who will soon take up his post as state chair of the New York Democratic Party, says he tends to want to make it illegal for two political parties to jointly nominate the same candidate, according to this Newsday article.

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