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G. Edward Griffin Added As Speaker to First Annual Save Long Island Forum

Theater Save Long Island

Found on Facebook .

This January, be a part of one of the most UNIQUE and EXCITING events Long Island and NY has ever seen— SAVE: LONG ISLAND!!!

… With so many issues effecting each and every one of us here on Long Island, in NY, and across the country and even the GLOBE, the organizers of SAVE: Long Island decided it was high time people COME TOGETHER to support one another in our quest for freedom, health, and prosperity.… Read more ...

G. Edward Griffin endorses independent libertarian Joe Kennedy in Massachusetts US Senate special election

“I am pleased to endorse Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate in the coming Massachusetts special election. He is a principled independent whose knowledge of fiscal policy will represent Massachusetts with wisdom and integrity.”
– G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at The Federal Reserve, Founder of Freedom Force International.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin confirmed as speaker at Revolution March

Ron Paul supporters and grassroots activists have been planning a march and rally in Washington D.C. ever since “Super Tuesday”. These activists eventually coelesced into a website, and started making formal plans. Having secured permits to meet on the Capitol lawn and having raised over $25,000–the folks over at… Read more ...