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Wisconsin LP Finds Point of Agreement with Environmentalists

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September 13, 2003
Article written by Garry Reed

The big buzz in the world of Green websites is that some Libertarians agreed with some clean energy environmentalists about solar power.

When the Wisconsin Libertarian Party joined a local clean energy group, RENEW Wisconsin , in favor of a solar energy proposal the website ClimateProgress headlined the event with “Unlikely Bedfellows” and reported it as “a surprising move.”… Read more ...

Garry Reed: Another Memorial Day, another big lie from government

Posted to Examiner.com
May 26, 2013

Every year during Memorial Day weekend the people who run our government repeat the same glowing stories about the glories of war and the heroes who “fight for our freedoms” even though it’s difficult to find wars in America’s history that were really about fighting for our freedoms rather than fighting for conquest.

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Libertarians to Tea Party: rediscover your roots!

Garry Reed writes in the Libertarian Examiner (notes for IPR: John Jay Myers is also running for LNC chair; there are also moves underway to organize new, separate Tea Party political parties in several states.):

News from the Liberterrain…

"We are trying to motivate Libertarians and anti-war Republicans who participate in the Tea Parties to show up with a message of less war and more freedom.

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