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Gene Amondson Dies

story from Ballot Access News
Gene Amondson Dies

July 21st, 2009

On July 20, Gene Amondson died at the age of 65. He had been the Prohibition Party candidate for president in 2008, and had also been one of two competing Prohibition Party presidential candidates in 2004. He was 65. He had suffered a stroke the day before he died, which put him in a coma.

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23 Presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state

Ballot Access News reports

This year, 23 presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state. That is the highest in U.S. history except for 1992, when there were also 23. Generally there are more such candidates in periods of great public unhappiness.

Here is a list, with the predominant party label for each, and the percentage of the voters that will see their names on the ballot:

Barack Obama, Democratic, 100.0%
John McCain, Republican, 100.0%
Bob Barr, Libertarian, 94.5%
Ralph Nader, independent, 85.2%
Cynthia McKinney, Green, 70.5%
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution, 59.8%
Gloria La Riva, Socialism and Liberation, 26.8%
Roger Calero or his stand-in James Harris, Socialist Workers, 25.0%
Brian Moore, Socialist, 21.5%
Alan Keyes, America’s Independent Party, 18.1%
Charles Jay, Boston Tea, 10.0%
Gene Amondson, Prohibition, 9.6%
Thomas Robert Stevens, Objectivist, 8.0%
Richard Duncan, independent, 4.6%
John Joseph Polachek, New, 4.3%
Jeffrey Boss, Vote Here, 3.0%
Jeffrey Wamboldt, We the People, 2.5%
Ron Paul, Taxpayers/Constitution, 2.0%
Jonathan E.

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Thirteen presidential candidates on ballot in Florida

Florida’s Herald Tribune writes, “Getting on the ballot in Florida is a breeze for minor-party candidates. They just have to show their party held a national convention, reported the name of their nominee to the state by Sept. 1, and have at least 27 members.” While candidates like independent Ralph Nader and Libertarian Bob Barr “will be somewhat familiar,” there are also “candidates like Thomas Robert Stevens of the nine-month-old Objectivist Party and Charles Jay of the 500-member strong Boston Tea Party, made up of former Libertarians.… Read more ...

Update: What percentage of voters can vote for what percentage of candidates?

IPR previously reported that Ralph Nader would be an option on the ballot for 85.2% of voters and Cynthia McKinney will be on the ballot before 70.5% of voters. Now, because of a series of updates at Ballot Access News, we can bring you a more complete picture of national ballot access.… Read more ...

Barr no longer dominates the Internet; Baldwin makes huge gains in ‘market share’

First on June 11, and then on July 17, IPR posted the results of “Google News Primaries” — the number of Google News hits for each “alternative” presidential candidate. Well, the September 13 results are in, and the top four are still in the same position — though the gap between them has narrowed considerably.… Read more ...

‘At least 15’ on Colorado presidential ballot

The AP reports that “at least 15 presidential candidates” will be on the ballot in Colorado this year, saying voters “may recognize Bob Barr of the Libertarians, Cynthia McKinney of the Greens and the unaffiliated Ralph Nader on November’s ballot. They may not recognize Thomas Stevens of the Objectivist Party, Jonathan Allen of HeartQuake ’08 or Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party.”… Read more ...

At least 271 candidates for president in 2008

InfoZine has a feature on the “271 candidates who have announced their intentions to run and 62 more potential candidates who could run” for president this year, as listed by Project VoteSmart. In addition to Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, Libertarian Bob Barr, Green Cynthia McKinney, and independent Ralph Nader, the piece also mentions Prohibition candidate Gene Amondson and Proudican Party candidate Bruce Bongardt.… Read more ...

AFP: ’11 other candidates’ also in presidential race

Agence France Presse makes the rather odd assertion today that, in addition to John McCain and Barack Obama, there are “11 other candidates running for president.” Where AFP got that number is unclear — at most, only Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, Libertarian Bob Barr, Green Cynthia McKinney, and independent Ralph Nader stand a real chance of qualifying for enough state ballots to theoretically achieve 270 electoral votes.… Read more ...

Bob Barr’s online dominance slipping; McKinney, Baldwin on the rise

Last month, IPR reported that Bob Barr received a staggering 57.69% of Google News hits for all the “major” (defined very loosely) third-party and independent candidates. This month, though Barr’s lead remains commanding, it has slipped noticeably to under 50%.

Independent Ralph Nader‘s position is relatively unchanged, remaining at #2 with 35.38% vs.… Read more ...

Candidates rush to Colorado ballot

Ballot Access News reports presidential candidates Jonathan Allen (Heartquake 08), Gene Amondson (Prohibition), Gloria LaRiva (Socialism), Brian Moore (Socialist), Elvena Lloyd-Duffie (Republican), Bradford Lyttle (Pacifist), and Frank McEnulty (unaffiliated) filed for Colorado’s ballot by Tuesday’s deadline.

Since the Constitution, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, and Republican parties still have time to submit the names of their nominees, there could be more than a dozen presidential tickets on the Colorado ballot.… Read more ...

Bob Barr, Ralph Nader dominate online coverage of alternative candidates

The mainstream media rarely give third-party and independent candidates a fair shake — hence the need for sites like IPR and Third Party Watch. But the new media — the online media — is supposed to give candidates and parties the coverage they deserve.

If this is true, then Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr and independent candidate Ralph Nader have really outdone their competitors.… Read more ...

Prohibition Party’s Amondson interviewed

Wikinews today has an interview with Prohibition Party presidential nominee Gene Amondson, “a preacher, artist, and prohibition activist.” Asked why he wants to be president, Amondson said, “With one out of nine blacks between 20 and 34 in prison, prohibition will come again for the fourth time.” Asked if he can win the election, he replied, “Third party people do not win but we say wise things.”… Read more ...