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Statement of Ralph Nader on the Government’s sale of its GM stock

Ralph Nader at Nader.org:

By suddenly selling much more of the taxpayer owned stock in GM then Washington let on before Tuesday the Obama Administration has made it far less likely that it will fully recover the bailout money when the Treasury Department sells the remaining shares next year.

Once again the taxpayers are kept in the dark to their disadvantage.… Read more ...

Nader and Associates Letter to President Obama on GM’s IPO

Open letter from Ralph Nader and several other people (see end of article for list) to Barack Obama posted at Nader.org:

Dear President Obama,

The U.S. government bailout of, and acquisition of a majority share in, General Motors was an exceptional action, taken in response to exceptional circumstances. The U.S. stake in GM obviously poses novel managerial challenges to the government.… Read more ...