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George Phillies: How to Fix the LNC

Over the past few years, our party has struggled with the differences between advocates of developing tools for ballot access and advocates of growing the party by showing our practical successes.

In Pennsylvania, we made huge strides in membership and donation growth by demonstrating our strong focus on electing partisan Libertarians to office, by showing that we can work with non-Libertarian town council members to move public policy in a Libertarian direction, by showing we can watch where the money is spent, and by serving as a check in the credibility of our electoral process.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Issues Statement; Declines To Rule On November Appeal

Dr. George Phillies                       Dr. Mary Ruwart

On 19 November 2021 IPR covered an appeal made to the Judicial Committee by Dr. George Phillies regarding the exact nature of the bylaws-required process to be followed by the LNC for the election of a new chair (or vice-chair, should the bylaws indeed require automatic ascension of the vice-chair).… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Receives New Appeal, re – LNC Chair Vacancy: Are Bylaws > Robert’s

Dr. George Phillies, APPEAL THE LNC

Following the resignation of Libertarian Party Chair Joe Bishop-Henchman in late June 2021, arguments were made that it was the position – not of Chair – but of Vice-Chair, that had become vacant, as under Robert’s Rules of Order Vice-Chairs become Chairs immediately upon resignations.… Read more ...

‘Tragic Prelude,’ a mural painted by John Steuart Curry, depicts John Brown’s role in ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ with the bloodshed, fire and tornado hinting at the coming Civil War.

George Phillies: January 6, 2021 – Our John Brown Moment?

Let us return to the unfortunate dead days of 1840-1860, the days leading up to the Civil War. The United States had two political parties, the Democrats and – toward the end fading out of existence – the Whigs. We had a series of Presidents, most mediocre.

At the start of the period, each party had a northern and a southern wing, the two wings being not wildly different in strength.… Read more ...

Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Elects New Officers

Photo by Joe Buchman

NEW ORLEANS – At a meeting held earlier tonight during the Libertarian National Convention, the members of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance elected the following officers for a two-year term:

(Left to right in the above photo)

Vice Chair, Pat Ford
Secretary, Emily S. Goldberg
Chair, Erin Adams
Treasurer, David Demarest
George Phillies, (past Chair)

The position of LSLA Political Facilitator remains vacant, and is expected to be filled by the new board in the upcoming weeks.… Read more ...

Liberty for America- February 5, 2017 Edition

Liberty for America
February 5, 2017
A New Year

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Subscriptions are free and do not cost any money.… Read more ...

November Liberty For America: 60 staff “consult” Johnson; December or January “surprise” suspected


George Phillies has published his latest Liberty for America.

This issue is entirely devoted to an explication of the Johnson/Weld Presidential campaign finances “associated with their most recent disclosure, covering October 1-19, 2016.”

Liberty for America
November 1, 2016
Pre-election Issue

This issue is the last before the election.  It covers Presidential campaign finances associated with their most recent disclosure, covering October 1-19, 2016.… Read more ...

George Phillies releases September 2016 edition of Liberty for America


Dr. George Phillies is a longtime Libertarian activist who presently serves as the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. Phillies is the editor of Liberty for America, an online newsletter providing news and opinions about the Libertarian Party and its candidates. Phillies released the September 2016 edition of Liberty for America on September 11th, 2016; below is the table of contents:

* No LNC-Johnson Agreement Yet
* National Re-Register Week
* New Regional Alternate
* Jonson not close to 15%
* Beware the 5% Fraud
* Beware the “Ballot Access” Fraud
* Gary Johnson 2016 Financials Slightly Revised

Read the full September 2016 edition of Liberty for America here.Read more ...

George Phillies analyzes Gary Johnson’s campaign spending for July 2016

George Phillies is a longtime Libertarian Party activist who presently serves as the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. Phillies publishes a newsletter called Liberty for America, which is devoted to news about the Libertarian Party. He released his newsletter’s latest special report today; it is a breakdown of Gary Johnson’s campaign spending for July 2016:

Liberty For America
Special Report
August 21, 2016

Gary Johnson 2016 financials for July–analysis of his FEC filings.… Read more ...

George Phillies releases August 2016 edition of Liberty for America


Today, George Phillies, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts, released the latest edition of his newsletter, Liberty for America, which covers the latest news developments concerning the Libertarian Party and provides perspectives on what is going on in within the party as well. Phillies, a regular IPR frequenter, is known for meticulously detailing the finances of Libertarian Party presidential campaigns (which were the subjects of his books Surely We Can Do Better?Read more ...

Liberty for America: Johnson 2016 Campaign Spending for June


George Phillies, the chair of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and the editor of the Liberty for America newsletter, sent out the following special report today:

Liberty For America Special Report, Late July

For July, 2016, the Johnson campaign began with $175,574 Cash on Hand . The campaign had receipts of $664,293, made disbursements during the month of $380,886, and ended July with $458,981 cash on hand at the end of the month.… Read more ...

July 2016 edition of Liberty for America released


American Third Party Report:

Longtime Massachusetts Libertarian Party activist George Phillies has today released the July 2016 edition of his newsletter, Liberty for America. The newsletter provides information about current developments within the Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson presidential campaign.

The table of contents:

Charles V Wilhoit 1923-2016
National Convention Meets in Orlando
LP Adopts Platform Plank Opposing the Death Penalty
Libertarian State Leadership Alliance Adopts New Bylaws, Elects New Officers
Where Your Money Went—Johnson 2016
Gary Johnson 2012;
LNC ExComm Secret Meeting Closed to Other LNC Members

The entire newsletter can be read here (pdf version).Read more ...