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George Will: Goldwater Republicans Will Rally To Third-Party Candidate Against Donald Trump

Transcript from the Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, via the Daily Caller:

HH:  If [Donald Trump] is the nominee, how many Democrats cross over to vote for him and how many Republicans cross over to vote for her if she is indicted?

GW: There would large numbers going both ways. TI would be a very interesting migration.Read more ...

George Will praises Libertarian candidate’s “Less We Can” slogan

Staff at Libertarian Party blog:

In his October 31 syndicated column, George Will had this to say about Libertarian candidate Mark Grannis:

…Mark Grannis, the Libertarian Party’s congressional candidate, deserves many votes of gratitude for his slogan, the year’s best: “Less we can.”

Read the column.… Read more ...