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World Report: Germany’s Green Party Experiences Surge of Support Ahead of Key Vote

WASHINGTON POST:  Germany’s Green Party has seen a strong upswing in polling support over the past few months.  That strength is now being translated to big showings in regional elections.

“What is pretty clear heading into this election year is that the main opposition on the federal level will be between the Christian Democrats and the Greens,” said Peter Matuschek, a political analyst with pollster Forsa.

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John McAfee Says German Officials Arrested Him for Wearing Lace Thong as Mask

Tech multi-millionaire John McAfee, who ran for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2016 and 2020 and founded the (now defunct) Cyber Party, claimed on Twitter yesterday that German officials arrested him because he would not replace the lace thong he wore as a mask.

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Leader of Germany’s Party of Reason Pens Letter to American Libertarians

The Partei der Vernunft (Party of Reason or PDV) is a libertarian political party in Germany whose fiscal policies are based on the Austrian School of Economics and calls for a minimal state, free markets and decentralization. The PDV, founded in May 2009 by journalist Oliver Janich, currently has a membership of about 1,000.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party Leader Tom Sunic, Ph.D., Reports on Dresden 2013 Funeral March

From the American Freedom Party website:

AFP Director, Dr. Tom Sunic, reports that than 3,000 protesters in Dresden, Germany formed a human chain to block a Dresden 2013 Memorial rally on February 13. Every year, for the last 10 years, Nationalists march to memorialize the deaths caused by the Allied firebombing on February 13, 1945.Read more ...

Pirate Party wins 9% in German election

Bob Morris at Politics in the Zeros:

The Pirate Party — which is committed to freeing up the internet — came up big, garnering 9% of the vote (!) and winning seats in government for the first time in the party’s history.

Merkel’s party came in second and their coalition partner failed to qualify for any seats in regional elections in Berlin.… Read more ...

German Greens gain in Berlin state election

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The German Green Party has gained support in another state election, this time in Berlin. From BBC News coverage:

The SPD – who have been in opposition nationally since 2009 – won around 29% of the vote, down from 30.8% in 2006. Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union gained just over 23%, up slightly from 21.3% in 2006, while the Greens won 18%, up from 13.1%.

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New poll shows that a Green chancellor could be in Germany’s near future

From MonstersAndCritics.com:

For the first time, the Greens emerged a point ahead of the Social Democrats (SPD), considered the other main opposition party, with the pair combined scoring 10 per cent more than the current centre-right coalition.

The Greens and SPD jointly scored 47 per cent in the survey by TNS Emnid, compared to just 37 per cent for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s current coalition.

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Green Ben Manski on democratic reforms, attacks on Wisconsin unions, and tomorrow’s primaries

Ben Manski, a strong 2010 Green candidate for state representative in Madison, Wisconsin, sent the following message to his supporters:

Many of you have asked me what I’ve been up to since the 2010 elections. Others have asked me who I am supporting in tomorrow’s Wisconsin primary elections. I thought I’d share my answers with all of you, in case you’re curious.… Read more ...

Wikileaks: Diplomats Scoff at German Libertarian Party’s Concern for Data Security

From Third Party and Independent Daily:

The recent Wikileaks diplomatic document dump contains a cable from shortly before Germany’s 2009 general election, articulating worries among US diplomats that the German Free Democratic Party’s strong support for individual data privacy and protections against unreasonable search and seizure might hinder the efforts of the American national security state. 

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Germany’s Green Party Eyes Two State Premierships

From Der Spiegel:

Never in its history has Germany’s Green Party led one of the country’s 16 states. Now, the party could come out on top in two state elections next year. Renate Künast’s apparent intention to run in Berlin increases the Greens’ chances in the capital.

Germany’s Green Party has had a number of highs in its three-decade history.… Read more ...

In Brazil, international Greens once again do surprisingly well in an election

Chalk this one up as a victory for the Greens, along with their performance in Britain, Colombia, and Australia this year, and how they are expected to do in Germany (and with the Greens poised to possibly win several state legislative seats here in America, they could do better in this election than ever before, as well). … Read more ...

In Germany, the Greens’ future looks bright, yet uncertain

An interesting article from Der Spiegel about a combination of news on the Green front, particularly their polling as high as 20 percent nationwide while, at the same time, launching anti-nuclear protests that could ruin their chances of a coalition with the party in power now:

The good news for Germany’s Green Party just keeps on coming.

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