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Green Party electing campaign committees

The Green National Committee is currently voting to choose members of the Green Party’s Senatorial Campaign Committee and House Campaign Committee. This is a re-vote, occasioned by the failure to reach a quorum on an earlier vote.

Both the Senatorial and the House votes have now reached the quorum requirement, so the only question remaining is, who will be elected?… Read more ...

Green Party Watch: Green Party News

Posted at Green Party Watch by Ronald Hardy. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

The US Green Party’s National Committee voted to suspend print publication of its national newspaper “Green Pages”, with the exception of a single issue. Green Pages will continue to be published online, including downloadable versions for local chapters and state parties to use with outreach.… Read more ...

Ronald Hardy: A Green Party national membership proposal

Posted at Green Party Watch


The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is in a tough position financially. It is in debt, and struggling to meet its monthly expenses. Below I present a case for implementing a National Membership program for GPUS, attempting to make a case that a National Membership plan for GPUS could rescue it from its financial problems, help in state party and local chapter growth, and bring new voters into the Green Party.

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