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George Phillies: ‘LNC In Action’

George Phillies at Gold America Group:

Our usual sources provide us with information that we believe to be correct about LNC acts this past month.

The LNC added LP Maryland State Chair Bob Johnston to their part-time as their Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist. The LNC has finally noticed that it had inactive affiliates, that it is now trying to revive.… Read more ...

LP of Florida says LNC, LNCC should boot Wayne Root

Karl Dickey at The Examiner and Liberty for All:

During a regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Executive Committee last night, they created a resolution (found below) to repudiate recent comments made by Libertarian National Congressional Committee chairman Wayne Allyn Root and suggested his removal from any leadership position within the Libertarian Party.

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Gold America Group compares national level Green and Libertarian Party spending and income patterns

H/T George Phillies. Please note that this analysis pertains only to national party spending, not state and local party spending or spending by individual campaigns.

Posted at Gold America Group:

Green Party in Apparent Decline

This article began as a comparison of Green and Libertarian Party spending and income patterns.… Read more ...

Liberty For America: ‘Where your money went — LNC July’

Posted at GoldAmericaGroup.

Forwarder forwards from LibertyForAmerica Magazine: The LNC “August” filing, covering its expenditures in July, show for the month that the LNC raised $75,461, bringing its total for the year to $632,319. For the same month, the LNC spent $84,192, giving it a total of $609,124 in spending for the year.… Read more ...