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Wayne Root: DC Media Bonus Appearances!

“I thought you’d be interested (and I hope proud) to learn that even though I’m only available to DC media for one day (Friday)…I’m going to be appearing live on two national radio shows based in D.C.”  Wayne Root.

Wayne is flying from Puerto Rico, where he had a speaking engagement, and to Washington DC for the LNC meeting. 

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Wayne Root to Guest Host G. Gordon Liddy Show – Ron Paul to be a Guest

Wayne Allyn Root, the 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate, best-selling author, Fox News Channel regular guest, and outspoken Libertarian-conservative media personality, guest hosts the nationally-syndicated “G. Gordon Liddy Show” on Monday December 27th.

Root’s guests will include former Republican Presidential candidate, Chairman of “Campaign for Liberty,” and Best-Selling author of “End the Fed,” U.S.… Read more ...