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Tom Tancredo: Time to Get Out The Vote

More polling news from the Tancredo campaign:

Another poll has been released and the news just keeps getting better.

This time the poll comes from the left-leaning Public Policy Institute Poll and it has us within 3% points of Hickenlooper: 47% to 44% with Maes dropping to an all-time low of 5%.… Read more ...

Illinois Statehouse News examines the Green Party’s ‘get out the vote’ strategy

The article comments on both the Green Party’s and the Tea Party’s strategies, although the Tea Party is not an actual political party.  It strangely leaves out the Libertarian Party, even though they ARE a party on the ballot in Illinois this year.  From TheTelegraph.com:

The Green Party, which put itself on equal footing with Republicans and Democrats four years ago, acknowledges that it cannot keep up with the two major parties in terms of spending or local organizations.

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