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Time Capsule: Governor Gary Johnson Leaves R Primary; (Re-) Registers As Libertarian; Seeks LP POTUS Nomination

photo credits, Joseph Buchman

Dateline: 28 December 2011, Santa Fe, NM, Capitol rotunda.

Former New Mexico Governor (1995 – 2003) Gary Johnson dropped out of the Republican Presidential Primary earlier today, (re-) registered as a member of the Libertarian Party, and announced his intention to seek the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nomination at the Party’s convention in Las Vegas in early May 2012.… Read more ...

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board: Let Johnson Debate

download The editorial board of The Chicago Tribune, the sixth largest newspaper in the United States based on circulation, earlier today published an editorial calling on the Commission on Presidential Debates to, “Let Libertarian Gary Johnson debate Clinton and Trump.”

The editorial begins:

“For many Americans, this presidential race is a train wreck in progress.… Read more ...