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Darrell Castle: Freedom Fighters and Public-Sector Unions

by Darrell Castle
Constitution Party National Committee Vice-Chairman

What do the people rioting in the Middle East and the people protesting reductions in public-sector union bargaining rights have in common?

Not much, but the driving force behind each of them is similar, and that driving force is economic hardship.

What we are likely seeing is the crumbling of a world economic order that has existed for decades if not for centuries.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: ‘Wisconsin and Unions: You Can’t Get the Right Answer if You’re Asking the Wrong Question’

Thomas L. Knapp at Center for a Stateless Society:

The Big Domestic Policy Question of the Week, driven by Wisconsin’s government budget crisis, is “what to do about government employee unions?”

As the conventional wisdom would have it, collective bargaining between the state and government employees — cops, firefighters and most especially “public educators” — is breaking the government bank by locking the taxpayer into funding healthy wage, and sometimes outrageous benefit and retirement, packages for “public servants.”

Proposed solutions range from “suck it up and pay the bill” on the left to “outlaw government employee unions” on the right … and out in Simply Silly Land, from a guy who bills himself as “one of America’s leading Libertarian thinkers,” the suggestion that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker play Ronald Reagan and fire Wisconsin’s “public” school teachers (hint: Those teachers aren’t employees of the state of Wisconsin).… Read more ...