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Johnson: “If Weld is Anti-Trump; I’m Anti-Clinton”


In an article by Joseph Rago titled: “The Libertarians Make Their Case: Gary Johnson says the Clinton campaign and its Super Pacs may dump $50 million on him. What are they so afraid of?” published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Governors Johnson and Weld were quoted as saying:

Image credit, Kenneth Fallin

JOHNSON: “If Bill wants to say that it’s his personal goal to make sure that Donald Trump isn’t elected (then) my personal goal is make sure that Hillary Clinton isn’t elected.”… Read more ...

Johnson “Not Trump” and “Integrity” Billboards Now Include Gov. Weld.



Photographs taken near “Thanksgiving Point” on I-15 just south of Salt Lake City Utah, 10PM, 6 October 2016.  In rotation with 16 other video displays, each lasting about 7 seconds.

The earlier billboards featuring Governor Johnson alone and covered by IPR in an article titled: FIELD REPORT: Johnson Billboards published on 31 August 2016 appear to have been removed from rotation.… Read more ...