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FIELD REPORT – Johnson’s Latest Billboards: Choice, Ethics, Experience, Honesty, Peace, and Principles

This is a field report on the Gary Johnson billboard campaign in Utah.


Late last night (5 November 2016) I parked by one of the electronic billboards just south of Salt Lake City Utah (the west side of I-15, just north of exit 284; near Thanksgiving Point) and photographed the following billboard images.  … Read more ...

Will Johnson Slide Below 5 Percent Nationally?

five-percent-gold-4317717Harry Eten a senior political writer and analyst for the website FiveThirtyEight.com published an article titled, “What Went Wrong For Gary Johnson?” earlier today.  The article explicates several reasons for Johnson’s consistent polling slide. (About .5 percent per week – from a high above 9 percent six weeks ago to a current 5.6 percent.)  … Read more ...

THE WEEK: Anatomy of a faceplant: Inside the Libertarian Party’s abysmal 2016 campaign


The headline says it all.  The full article is HERE.

Highlights include:

“Johnson seems likely to be remembered as a brief, embarrassing political oddity.”

“The LP’s big break has been marked by one avoidable gaffe after another, an abysmally embarrassing performance and an incomparable lost opportunity. . . . presenting (libertarianism) largely as centrism .… Read more ...

HBO’s Oliver: “Choose the Least of Four Evils”

After brief mentions of Jim Hedges of the Prohibition Party, Dan Vacek of the Legal Marijuana Now Party, and write-in Independent candidate Joe Exotic, HBO’s John Oliver offers a cutting explication of the positions articulated (and in Dr. Stein’s case, sung) by the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.  This includes memorable analysis such as:

“Come on Gary!… Read more ...

Sarwark to Pence: To Stop Clinton – Resign, Endorse Johnson


In an Open Letter to Grand Old Party Vice Presidential Candidate Governor Mike Pence received by IPR earlier today, Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark calls on Governor Pence to, “Put country ahead of your party by resigning from the Republican ticket and publicly endorsing Governor Gary Johnson for President.Read more ...

Johnson: “If Weld is Anti-Trump; I’m Anti-Clinton”


In an article by Joseph Rago titled: “The Libertarians Make Their Case: Gary Johnson says the Clinton campaign and its Super Pacs may dump $50 million on him. What are they so afraid of?” published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Governors Johnson and Weld were quoted as saying:

Image credit, Kenneth Fallin

JOHNSON: “If Bill wants to say that it’s his personal goal to make sure that Donald Trump isn’t elected (then) my personal goal is make sure that Hillary Clinton isn’t elected.”… Read more ...

Johnson “Not Trump” and “Integrity” Billboards Now Include Gov. Weld.



Photographs taken near “Thanksgiving Point” on I-15 just south of Salt Lake City Utah, 10PM, 6 October 2016.  In rotation with 16 other video displays, each lasting about 7 seconds.

The earlier billboards featuring Governor Johnson alone and covered by IPR in an article titled: FIELD REPORT: Johnson Billboards published on 31 August 2016 appear to have been removed from rotation.… Read more ...

Johnson: “I’ve Never Been Involved In Politics Before . . . I Guess I Wasn’t Meant To Be President.”

In an interview on CNN early yesterday afternoon (about 13 hours before the two old-party candidates VP “debate”), Governor Johnson explains why if “crossing “i”s and dotting “t”s on international political leaders and geography is more important than the policy itself and then admitting mistakes, he’s not meant to be president (but if honesty and peace are what voters want, then he is).… Read more ...

Science Debate.org: Johnson Late Responses Posted


A Press Release by Science Debate.org reports:

“All four major candidates for United States president have now responded . . . Governor Gary Johnson provided late responses which the group has posted with those of Clinton, Trump, and Stein HERE. . . . Clinton, Trump and Stein responses were published Sept 13.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party to Feds: Brief Johnson/Weld Now

The old party candidates have had access to security briefings for weeks now. Gary Johnson is a major party candidate, on every American’s ballot, and he needs access to the same information as his challengers so the American people can hear his take on a level playing field. I hope this was just an oversight on the part of the GSA, and this request will set things right in short order.Read more ...

Johnson Reaches 9 Percent, All Time High in Real Clear Politics Poll Average

11 SEPT 2016 UPDATE: Now at 9.3 percent in the RCP average.  Latest poll average is HERE.


Image source: Realclearpolitics.com  (edited to show only the Libertarian and Green Parties from 1 June 2016 to 7 September 2016).

After falling from his previous high of 8.9 percent (August 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24) to a low of 7.6 (August 31), Gary Johnson reached an all time high of 9.0 percent as reported in the Real Clear Politics average of polls earlier today.… Read more ...

Wall Street Journal Covers LP Supporting PAC: “Like Tinder, Not Gross, Can Save America”

Balanced RebelionIn an article by Michelle Hackman titled “Match Game: Website Promises Guilt-Free Voting for Gary Johnson: ‘It’s like Tinder, but not gross, and it can save America,” published by the Wall Street Journal late last week, the Libertarian Party supporting SuperPAC, ALTERNATIVE PAC’s, Balanced Rebellion strategy is explicated as follows:

“The Balanced Rebellion effort aims to pair Democrats who had resigned themselves to voting for Hillary Clinton to stop Donald Trump with Republican voters who were planning to cast ballots for Mr.… Read more ...