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Speculation about Green Party Governor candidates for NY 2010

This information was posted in the comment section of onthewilderside.com, by my co-blogger there, Ian Wilder, who is a Green Party member:

The Convention is May 15th, so there is no decision yet about who is running.

Sander Hicks, Jeff Peress, and Bob Gumbs have announced their intentions to seek the Senate nominations.

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UK Green Party Activist Addresses the GPNYS

Matthew Wootton, a member of the Green Party of England and Whales, recently addressed the State Committee of the Green Party of NYS. At the Daily Planet, Wootton reflected on his experience and the state of the party in the US and worldwide.  Some excerpts:

Recently I was lucky enough to attend and speak at a State Committee meeting for the New York state Green Party.

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Green Party of NY calls Legislative Ethics Reform Inadequate

A post by Ian Wilder at onthewilderside.com, based on a GPNYS press release:

The Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) stated today that it opposed the ethics reform deal announced earlier this week as being too late, too late, an attempt at damage control rather than the real reform New York taxpayers deserve.

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Green Party of NY weighs in on NY State Senate coup

h/t to my co-blogger Ian Wilder at www.onthewilderside.com

excerpt from a GPNYS Press Release:

Green Party of New York State Decries NY Senate Coup and Calls for Grassroots Resistance

The Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) decries the latest power play in the NY State Senate.  The leadership coup on Monday night by the Republican Party and at least two Democrats, one under investigation for fraud and the other for physical assault, is the newest in a serious of undemocratic and disgraceful acts that have earned the State Legislature the title of most undemocratic and “Stalinist” from the Brennan Center for Law and Justice. 

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Can the Green Party merge populism and progressivism? Discussion posted at GPNYS theoretical journal.

excerpt from
A Green State of Mind: A Green Theoretical Journal
(hosted by the Green Party of New York State)
The Rise of the Populist-Progressive
by Darin Robbins [member of the GPNYS State Committee] May 22, 2009

The populist and progressive movements need each other, both historically and now, in order to present a real political alternative to the the interlocking system of militarism, religious fundamentalism, and corporations.… Read more ...