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Green candidates support marijuana legalization

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

In a year that has seen the biggest upsurge of activism against marijuana prohibition in American history, Green Party candidates across the country are leading the fight for marijuana legalization while Democrats and Republicans defend the failed, destructive “war on drugs” prohibition regime.

The eyes of Americans who oppose prohibition are on California’s Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010.… Read more ...

Green Change: ‘If you want real change, vote Green’

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Gary Ruskin has written a piece at Green Change entitled “If you want real change, vote Green”:

Ladies and gentlemen, the results are in.

Democrats in Washington have enjoyed a rare opportunity during the last two years. With control of the presidency and giant majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate, this was the Democrats’ best chance in more than 30 years to take charge and lead.… Read more ...

Green Change: ‘Help a Green who can defeat the Machine’

From Green Change via Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Jeremy Karpen’s clean-money Green campaign for the IL State Assembly is poised to pull off an upset victory against his Chicago Machine opponent.

Jeremy and his volunteers have already knocked on 7,000 doors and made 3,000 phone calls. Jeremy has earned enthusiastic endorsements from leading newspapers, unions, and voter groups.… Read more ...

Green Change: Ben Manski running a “breakthrough campaign” for Wisconsin legislature

Email from Marnie Glickman at Green Change:

Dear Paulie,

Ben Manski’s campaign for state representative in Wisconsin is exceptional. Ben is a bold, experienced Green leader. He is running a stellar grassroots campaign. He can win.

His opponent is a corporate lobbyist who was paid $192,000 to lobby for the coal industry.… Read more ...

Green Change: Green candidates call for end of corporate personhood

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

On Monday October 18 Green Change issued a press release entitled “Green candidates call for end of corporate personhood” announcing that 110 Green Party candidates nationwide are calling for a “Green New Deal” to end the legal doctrine of corporate personhood, which grants corporations constitutional rights that had previously been reserved for people.… Read more ...

California Governor’s “Green Debate” Excludes Greens

From Gary Ruskin to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

California gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman are planning a “green debate” on October 12 – without the Green candidate for governor, Laura Wells.

“What’s a “green debate” without a Green? It’s a fraud,” said Gary Ruskin, co-founder of Green Change, a national political organization based in San Rafael, where the debate will take place.… Read more ...

Green Change: “8 Young Greens to Watch”

GreenChange.org has put out a piece on “8 Young Greens to Watch”, featuring 8 young Green candidates that Green Change considers deserving of national attention:

Introducing 8 Young Greens to Watch: 8 young candidates who are running hard to bring our values into the halls of power. With your help, 2010 can be a breakthrough year for the Green movement from Maine to California.

Read more ...

GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

Over at GreenChange.org IPR author Dave Schwab has written about the top five reasons why Californians should vote against the Top Two Primary measure on the ballot in November.

Proponents of Top Two, aware that California voters rejected the idea in 2004, have been claiming that Top Two will fix California’s government by reducing partisan gridlock.

Read more ...

Green Change asks for signatures to tell Obama to cut the military budget

Earlier today, the organization Green Change posted an online petition which they hope will garner the attention of President-Elect Barack Obama with the following text,

U.S. military spending in 2008 totaled over $710 billion1 – more than double the spending of the next five militaries in the world combined.2 More than half of it paid for policies that Americans don’t support, programs the military doesn’t need, and occupations that aren’t making the world safer.

Read more ...

Malik Rahim campaign volunteer conference call includes drop-in from David Cobb

Earlier tonight, I joined in on a conference call of fellow volunteers for the Malik Rahim for Congress campaign across the nation. I live in Pennsylvania, but a new technology has been designed to allow people to participate in a phone bank from their house. As long as you have email and internet and a phone, you can do it (and you can sign up at Green Change).… Read more ...

Update on Malik Rahim’s phone-banking project, plus an opportunity to volunteer

If you have not heard already, Green Party candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s second district Malik Rahim‘s campaign has launched a project to allow people all over the country – and even people outside of the US – to volunteer for it. It is a phone-banking project, but not in the traditional sense.… Read more ...