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‘Making Greens the Opposition’

At Green Mass Group, GreenDem writes, “If the Green Party became a dominant party here in Massachusetts it would not only force the Democratic Party more to the left but maybe even the Republicans.”  The blogger talks about focusing on state legislative races rather than statewide races, because it is easy to make the ballot for those races and, the blogger says, a Green governor will never happen without support from lower offices. … Read more ...

Green-Rainbow Party’s Jill Stein to run for Governor of Massachusetts

By way of Green Mass Group:

Stein to jump into gov race with Green-Rainbow bid
By Jim O’Sullivan / State House News Service

Dr. Jill Stein plans to join the race for 2010 race for governor, running as a Green-Rainbow candidate and pushing the issue of universal health care, posing a challenge to Gov.… Read more ...