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Elizabeth May becomes first Green elected as MP in Canada

from Green Party Watch
In May 2 Federal Elections in Canada, Elizabeth May became the first Green Party candidate elected as a Member of Parliament

Elizabeth May, 56, has been the leader of the Green Party of Canada since 2006, vowing to raise the Green Party’s profile in Canada, particularly in the nationally televised debates.

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Greens Competing in Canadian Federal Elections May 2

From Green Party Watch:

So Canada is off to the polls for the 41st federal election.

Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May is running against Conservative Gary Lunn for his seat in Saanich Gulf Islands.

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Additional information about the Canadian elections for 2011 available on Wikipedia.… Read more ...

Green Party of Canada: Attack of the Attack Ads

Peter Tretter at Green Party Watch:

So the Green Party of Canada has been in the media lately lamenting attack ads and how they affect democracy. Today the party came out with its own attack ad — attacking attack ads, LOL. Check it out:

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Canadian Green faces fines & jail time for refusing to fill out census long form

Gregg Jocoy at Green Party Watch:

Patty Winsa, a staff reporter at The Star, reports that Sandra Finley, 61, was found guilty of not filling out her long-form census from 2006. Finley is a former leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party, and faces both jail time and fines for violating Section 31 of the Statistics Act.… Read more ...

Poll Shows Canadian Greens Have Fair Chance to Elect Their First Member of Parliament

Ballot Access News:

A poll released on September 3 suggests that the Green Party has a fair chance to elect its first member of the Canadian Parliament. The poll, for the Saanich-Gulf Islands district just north of Victoria, British Columbia, shows: Gary Lunn, Conservative, 34%; Elizabeth May, Green Party, 32%; Renee Hetherington, Liberal, 17%; Edith Loring-Kohanga, New Democratic, 17%.… Read more ...

Canadian Green Party condemns extradition of marijuana activist to US

From the Green Party of Canada by way of Green party Watch:

OTTAWA — Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson yesterday confirmed that marijuana activist Marc Emery will be extradited to the United States, a move that the Green Party of Canada condemns. The decision was made shortly after Marc Emery turned himself in to the authorities as his bail expired May 10, 2010.… Read more ...

Green Party of Canada Nominates Its National Leader to Run for Parliament in British Columbia

Ballot Access News reports:

The Green Party of Canada does well in elections, but has never elected anyone to the Canadian Parliament. On September 19, the party nominated its national leader, Elizabeth May, to run in the next national election from the British Columbia district known as Saanich-Gulf Islands. In the last election, May ran for Parliament from Nova Scotia.… Read more ...

In B.C. Canada: Vote on STV. Green Party supports.

The Green Party is part of an international movement, with parties in many countries around the world. Green parties are organized around the four pillars of the greens: nonviolence; social and economic justice; grassroots democracy; and ecological wisdom.

Under the “grassroots democracy” banner, many green parties have platform items encouraging voting reforms such as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) and/or Single Transferable Voting (STV).… Read more ...