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News & Notes: Philadelphia Greens Denounce Local Corruption, John Stossel Interviews Andrew Yang

PHILLY GREENS BLAST LOCAL CORRUPTION: Jarrett Anderson, a member of the City Committee of the Green Party of Philadelphia, penned an editorial for Philadelphia Weekly.

“Democrats and Republicans have a business-as-usual culture that manifests in their policies, party structure, and how their elected officials conduct themselves in the workplace. Hence, corrupt Henon funnels money to his donors and considers it good economic policy,” writes Anderson. … Read more ...

Green Davis removed from Philadelphia ballot despite court ruling

10436665_1441864652746979_7297081253872166852_nGreen Party of Philadelphia chair Glenn C. Davis has been removed from that city’s November ballot for city commissioner, Ballot Access News reports, “on the grounds that he didn’t have enough signatures.” Davis plans to appeal the ruling.

BAN says the judge “was not moved by the fact that last month, the procedure for checking signatures had been held unconstitutional as applied to Green Party nominees.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Green Party candidate faces petition challenge despite court ruling

Ballot Access News reports that Glenn C. Davis, Green Party candidate for Philadelphia city commissioner, is facing a petition challenge “even though on July 24, 2015, a U.S. District Court struck down Pennsylvania’s challenge procedures as applied to the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties.”

Davis is the chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia.… Read more ...

Greens, PSL to Participate in U.S. Social Forum in Philadelphia

From the Green Party US website:

Want to join the Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP) at the U.S. Social Forum? This is a “convergence driven by the understanding that people’s movements are what create social change. It is an opportunity for regional and issue-specific social justice projects to work toward broader unity.… Read more ...

Philadelphia Green Party Endorses Campaign to Stop Drone Command Center in Horsham, PA

Philly Green Party Endorses Campaign to Stop Drone Command Center in Horsham, PA

Published May 31, 2012


By Chris Robinson


The Green Party of Philadelphia (GPOP,www.gpop.org) has endorsed the Campaign to Stop the Drone Command Center,www.dronefreehorsham.com, which is planned for the 111th Fighter Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard’s station in Horsham, PA.On… Read more ...

Cheri Honkala, national coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, to run for Philadelphia Sheriff with the Green Party

Although the official announcement will not come until February 17th, the following was posted on the blog of veteran activist Cheri Honkala‘s son, who is himself a somewhat famous actor:

This is my mother Cheri Honkala. My mother and I were homeless for a couple years when I was 10 years old.… Read more ...

Open letter from Hugh Giordano, Green, to labor: ‘What Labor MUST do to WIN!’

Hugh Giordano – 2010 Green candidate for state representative in Philadelphia who got 23 percent of the vote in the city, union organizer, and Green Party of Philadelphia City Committee member – is sending the following two-part open letter to every union in the city of Philadelphia:

… Supporting the Democrats and Republicans!
Read more ...