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Posts tagged as “Green Party Watch Radio”

Michael Cavlan to appear on Green Party Watch Radio

The program is scheduled for Wednesday, May 6th from 7PM to 8PM East Coast Time. To listen live, or after the webcast, click here. To participate in the show on Wednesday dial (646) 478-3778. Cavlan says he has plans to bring someone representing the other side of his position onto the show, but will be able to take calls as well.… Read more ...

Greens vs. Ex-Greens

In an email to, IPR and Green Party Watch writer and Green Party Watch Radio host Gregg Jocoy has offered an open invitation to Michael Cavlan and other critics who have left the Green Party to make their case on GPW radio:

I have invited Michael Cavlan to come on Green Party Watch Radio, accompanied by anyone he wants, to discuss what he sees as the failings of the Green Party.

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