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Greg Morin: Incentives and Taxes

Published on the Libertarian Party of Georgia website on June 21, 2013. Greg Morin is a member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. 

Bill O’Reilly is disingenuous when he says high taxes might compel him to quit his lucrative job. Although there is a level where taxes can have that effect (why engage in challenging work if taxes limit your income to that of someone flipping burgers), we are nowhere near it.… Read more ...

Greg Morin: Ideas Are Not Property, On Dismantling IP

The following was published on the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s website. Greg Morin is a member of the Athens, Georgia area Libertarian Party.

26 June 2013 By  Leave a Comment

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The US Supreme Court ruled unanimously this past week that human genes may not be patented.

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