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Gary Johnson CM: ‘99% sure Gary will seek LP nomination’

Guy McLendon quotes Gary Johnson’s campaign manager:

“Ron Nielson said I could quote him as follows … He’s pushing Gary to run on the LP ticket, and is 99% sure Gary will seek our nomination. That was maybe a week or so ago …”

Mister McLendon is quoted as saying this on an open Facebook discussion thread he is actively participating in.… Read more ...

Guy McLendon and Jeff Daiell: ‘Words Do Have Meaning’

Guy McLendon at LP.org blog;

Words Do Have Meaning
Co-Authored By Guy McLendon & Jeff Daiell
In writing about her novel, Anthem, Ayn Rand said she did not want statists to have this excuse, once a police state had America in its grip, "But that’s not what we meant!"

In some cases, frankly, a totalitarian state is the goal for advocates of statism.   Such advocates for tyranny are not likely to embrace libertarianism simply because our arguments are persuasive.

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Guy McLendon added to ACHIEVE slate

Email from Pat Dixon:

Guy Mclendon has been added to the ACHIEVE slate of candidates for the Libertarian Party National Committee. Guy will be running for a region 4 alternate position on the committee.

Guy has served as chair of the Harris County Libertarian Party and as vice chair of the Texas state party.… Read more ...