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Libertarians win two partisan elections in Wayne County, Indiana


The Libertarian National Campaign Committee reports on Facebook:

Larry Walters has been elected to the Dublin, Indiana Town Council on the Libertarian ticket. Congratulations Larry! The Wayne County Libertarian Party once again has elected a Libertarian in its county on a partisan ticket. […]

Susan Bell has been elected to another term on the bench of the Hagerstown Town Court on the Libertarian ticket.Read more ...

Hagerstown, Indiana – Elected Libertarian Central

Mark Rutherford at LP blog:

Hagerstown, Indiana is a hotbed of elected Libertarian activity.

It is a community of 1800 people, the community center of a significantly populated rural area and has Libertarians elected to partisan office.

It is the home of Rex Bell, Wayne County Libertarian Chair, and the winner of the 2010 Thomas Paine award for his literary efforts in communicating libertarian ideas.… Read more ...