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Vermont LP News: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional and Celebrating the Life of Hardy Macia

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June 17, 2013

Vermont Libertarian Party Calls NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

While our representatives with as diverse views as Lindsay Graham and Diane Feinstein call Edward Snowden a traitor, others with just as diverse views such as Rand Paul and Dr. Daniel Ellsberg call him a hero.  The question that has to be answered is whether what the NSA has done is constitutional or not.… Read more ...

Online News Source for Libertarian Party, Issue 5, Released

The newest issue of the online publication calling itself Libertarian Party News has been released. This publication is not affiliated with the LNC or the official LP publication LP News.

Included are the following articles:

From the LNC

Hardy Macia, Libertarian Activist and Candidate releases

Libertarian Arthur Thomas aims to shrink Spending, Debt in San

Libertarian Levi Tappan hopes to cut Millions in Page, AZ

Abolish IRS, end Income Tax, slash Spending says LP Exec.… Read more ...

Hardy Macia, Libertarian Activist, Releases Viral Video Calling for Legal Growing of Medical Marijuana

Found on the Libertarian Party blog

Hardy Macia, long-time Libertarian Party activist and 2012 candidate for Congress in New Hampshire’s second district, released a video on May 8 pleading with Gov. Maggie Hassan to support the legality of growing medical marijuana at home, a provision removed from a bill passed in March that allows the use of marijuana for medical purposes in New Hampshire.… Read more ...