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State Green Parties unite against the pipelines

Green Party press release via Green Party Watch:

From Green Party US:

p no kxl green partyWASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States is calling for the defeat of proposed tar-sands pipelines when the U.S. Senate votes on the Keystone XL pipeline on Tuesday and opposes alternative plans, including “Energy East,” that would route Canadian oil into the U.S.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Harry Reid is Wrong about Anarchists

Darryl W. Perry is a writer whose articles are published in several publications, including the monthly newspaper The Sovereign.  He is a co-host on a radio show on Liberty Radio Network. He is the owner and managing editor of Free Press Publications (FPP.cc). Perry is a co-founder and co-chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, a party created in September 2012 to promote secession of the state from the federal government and individual liberty.Read more ...

ROOT: Supercommittee sellout?

Timid GOP members may cave to avoid across-the-board cuts

By Wayne Allyn Root – The Washington Times

The congressional supercommittee tasked with cutting the debt is almost out of time. Good. Run out the clock. If its members do not come to an agreement, we’ll be forced to accept automatic across-the-board cuts to spending – including defense spending.… Read more ...

ROOT: George Costanza for President

George Costanza for President
Seinfeld shows the way to save the U.S. economy

Remember “Seinfeld”? It was one of the most successful TV series in the history of American television. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his buddy George Costanza. George was the ultimate loser. Everything he did was a colossal failure.… Read more ...

Grotto Radio tonight: Libertarian Debra Dedmon, Susan Lopez of Sex Workers Outreach Project re: Harry Reid wanting to end legal prostitution in Nevada

From comments on a previous IPR post:

Susan Lopez will be on as a Sex Workers Outreach Project-Las Vegas representative, along with Debra Dedmon of the Libertarian Party, on JD Holveck’s Grotto Radio on VegasallNetradio.com, tonight (3/1/11), 8-10 PM Pacific Time. That starting time is 11 PM on the East Coast and 10 PM here in the Central Time Zone.… Read more ...

David Colborne: Reid Not Stimulated By Legal Prostitution

Emailed by David Colborne to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

At 14.6%, nearly 5% higher than the national average, Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Consequently, when Harry Reid, Nevada’s senior politician in Washington and the current Senate Majority Leader, came to address the Nevada Legislature on Tuesday, his focus was, logically enough, on jobs.… Read more ...

Only 29% of US Population (42% of registered voters) Participated in 2010 Mid-Term Elections

Posted by Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 4 — According to the Associated Press, 90 million Americans — only 42% of registered voters — pulled the lever for a congressional candidate on Tuesday. That’s just a hair under 29% of the US population of 310.6 million.

“So much for the consent of the governed,” says Thomas L.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: ‘Explaining The Harry Reid Victory and Tea Party Loss in Nevada’

Email from Wayne Root to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

By Wayne Allyn Root of www.ROOTforAmerica.com

Harry Reid won because:

A) Casino bosses DESPERATELY need him in his position of power (U.S. Senate Majority Leader)…so much so that even many Republican casino CEO’s in Las Vegas conspired to get him a victory….and appeared in TV ads for him…and bussed their 100,000 union employees to polls…reportedly with “suggested vote guides” in their hands.… Read more ...

None of the above ballot option could have large role in Nevada US Senate race

H/T Gene Berkman:

Michael Blood writes in the San Francisco Chronicle/Associated Press:

Choosing “none of the above,” the default option on quizzes, is looming as a potential factor in the dead-heat Nevada Senate race for voters who don’t like either Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Sharron Angle.

Voters in the Silver State have nine choices on the ballot next week — eight are candidates, including Reid and Angle.

Read more ...

The latest from James Libertarian Burns

Via email from Jim Burns, who is seeking the Libertarian Party 2012 Presidential nomination:

Dear Paul,

There will be a giant leap forward toward libertarianism
when individual libertarians accept and practice these words
of wisdom from the Englishman, Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797):
“No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing
because he could do only a little.”… Read more ...

James Libertarian Burns expounds on his idea for defeating Harry Reid

From: Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012

Dear Paul,

The only candidates who have any money to speak of in
the US Senate race in Nevada are Reid and Angle. Reid has
3 or 4 times more money plus union and other national support,
but Angle as changed her approach (a better campaign) and since
Reid is hated by many people here, therefore, unless something
changes, the race will be very close.… Read more ...

Jim Libertarian Burns: ‘Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?’

Email from Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012:

Dear Paul,

Do you want Senator Harry Reid defeated?

You can take action that will increase the
chances that Reid will not be re-elected.

No matter how much money Sharron Angle
spends there are some votes that she will not
receive. However, if someone else who is on
the ballot makes a different appeal, they may
receive votes that otherwise would have gone
to Reid: especially, if the appeal is directed at
people who are not conservative.… Read more ...