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Party for Socialism and Liberation: Trump Attacks Trans Health Access During a Pandemic

Liberation News, the official newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation published the following article yesterday: 

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration is continuing its campaign undermine transgender people of vital protections. The latest attack takes the form of an expected  rewrite by the Department of Health and Human Services of Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which protects trans people from discrimination in health care on the basis of sex.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: TPP would make U.S. housing crisis, health care much worse

TPP would make U.S. housing crisis much worse
June 21, 2013
Sandy Perry, Secretary of Housing

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will dramatically undermine the housing rights of Americans, primarily by prohibiting meaningful government control over financial institutions. Americans have already lost over five million homes to foreclosure as a result of the 2008 economic collapse, you can read how the housing market was before and after the crash on the Northeastern University blog site.

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Evergreen Libertarian: Getting away with murder

Michael H. Wilson at Evergreen Libertarian:

Can you imagine if the garage mechanic was doing unnecessary repairs on your car or doing repairs poorly that customers died and were injured, then the government made it difficult to find out the reason? Well that is what we have developing thanks to the new health care law.… Read more ...

Lee Wrights: End the war on dying cancer patients

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (April 13) – Stopping all war is not just something we need to do in the Middle East. It is something we need just as badly here at home. When I say “stop all war,” I’m not just talking about the bombing and fighting overseas; I’m talking about the wars that the U.S.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Health Care Libertarian Style


With the health care debate on everyone’s mind, this quote has been floating around some of my friends on the social networks:

“No one should die because they cannot afford health care, and no one should go broke because they get sick. If you agree, please post this as your status for the rest of the day.”… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘State Nullification: Requisite To Freedom’

Chuck Baldwin at ChuckBaldwinLive.com:

I was thrilled to see J.B. Williams report in NewsWithViews.com that the State of Montana has a broad-based State nullification bill currently proposed in its legislature. Derek Skees (R-Whitefish) is the State legislator who has introduced this much-needed legislation.

See the story at:


The fact is, Skees’ State Nullification bill is only one of several outstanding freedom-first bills that is currently before the Montana legislature.… Read more ...

Michael H. Wilson: Can midwives help cure the ills of the health care system and save lives while reducing costs?

Michael H. Wilson at Evergreen Libertarian:

A 2005 report from the National Center for Health Statistics rates 29 other countries, mostly European ahead of the U.S. with lower infant mortality. The best European country is Sweden with 2.4 deaths per 1000 live births where 85% of infants are delivered in hospitals by midwives.… Read more ...

Bruce A. Dixon: ‘Medical Neglect Stalks Georgia Prisons’

Bruce A. Dixon is an editor of Black Agenda Report and a member of the Georgia Green Party’s State Committee.  The following is an excerpt of his most recent piece on Black Agenda Report:

On October 16, 2007 Arnold Porter went into full cardiac arrest. He died. His pulse and breathing stopped, he had to be brought back with a combination of electric shock and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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PSL: ‘Election results: right-wing shift or anger at the status quo?’

Brian Becker at PSLweb.org:

Class-wide struggle is brewing

Do the Nov. 2 election results signal a major shift to the right and a resurgence of conservatism among the people? Is that what the capture of 66 House seats by the Republicans indicates? That is the fundamental message from the corporate media and by many in the milieu of pro-Democratic Party liberalism, such as the ACLU.… Read more ...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Wrap-up from Barnes-Deal-Monds debate

Kyle Wingfield at Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

There weren’t too many surprises in Saturday’s debate with Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal and Libertarian John Monds. We started with a trio of questions about health care — the event was sponsored by the Medical Association of Georgia — but also touched on the economy, taxes, immigration, education and water keep reading…Read more ...

PA-15: Jake Towne Calls on Charlie Dent to Repeal Health Care Tax

Liberty Maven:

Originally published July 30, 2010 here http://towneforcongress.com/economy/jake-towne-calls-on-charlie-dent-to-repeal-health-care-tax/

Independent congressional candidate Jake Towne issued this statement today:

“During his sorry 20-year political career, Charlie Debt has repeatedly supported unconstitutional legislation that has created raging, out-of-control deficits. He also supports vast expansions of federal control over the people’s healthcare, such as his support of S-CHIP, the Medical Rights Act of 2009, and now HR 5424 below, which is absurdly titled as “Reform Americans Can Afford Act of 2010.”… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA update

From City Beat via Third Party and Independent Daily:

OH: City Beat Profiles Dan La Botz, Socialist Party Candidate for US Senate

As Republicans and Tea Party members continue to throw around the term “socialist” as a sort of epithet, LaBotz, a Clifton resident, is one of just three national candidates from the Socialist Party, and the only one running for a Senate seat.… Read more ...