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Michael Badnarik reportedly making progress towards recovery after heart attack

Posted by Allan Wikman in the comments here:

Michael was cardioverted again today (with the electric paddles) to try to get his heart to beat more regularly. This evening they did the tracheostomy and looked down his throat. He had ripped the breathing tube out of his throat and they were afraid he damaged his vocal chords.… Read more ...

Update on Michael Badnarik’s condition

forwarded by libertariangirl in the comments on the original thread:

I just got off the phone with Michael Badnarik’s Mother, Elaine. She informed me that his condition seems to have “backslid”. They were were hoping that he would have been released on Wednesday to his Mother’s care in Indiana but his condition is still critical.… Read more ...

Breaking: Badnarik reported hospitalized after heart attack

From an email apparently written by Gary Franchi, national director of Restore the Republic, and forwarded by a Campaign For Liberty activist:

I just received word that the President of the 2009 Continental Congress and 2004 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, Michael Badnarik had a Heart Attack this morning and [is] in an unconscious state.

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