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Herbert Hoffman: ‘On the 9th Anniversary of 9/11’

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Herbert Hoffman. Hoffman was independent candidate for US Senate in Maine in 2008.

Nine years have elapsed since the multiple tragedies struck the United States on September 11, 2001. The rallying cry of “9/11” has sparked the curtailing of civil liberties in the United States, provided the justification for invasions and occupations of sovereign countries, provided the rationale for the deaths of over 5600 American military and millions of Iraqis, Afghans and others.… Read more ...

Former independent candidate helps influence Maine election laws

The following is an email from Herbert Hoffman, who ran as an independent (and then as a write-in) candidate for US Senate in Maine in 2008:

An amended version of LD 1169, An Act to Amend the Election Laws, was signed into law by Governor Baldacci on Thursday, June 4. Read more ...

Bill creating ‘level playing field’ for write-in candidates passes Maine legislature

From Ballot Access News:

On May 26, Maine LD 1169 passed the legislature. Among other things, it includes these provisions to improve conditions for write-in candidates: (1) the names of all Declared write-in candidates will be posted at polling place locations; (2) voters no longer need to write-in the town or city of the candidate; (3) the form that the local elections officials fill out, listing how many votes were received in that precinct by each candidate, will include the names of the declared write-in candidates.

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Announcement from Herbert Hoffman, former candidate for US Senate

A small announcement from independent Herbert Hoffman:

On February 11, 2009 the website, www.HoffmanforSenate.us, will be taken down.  It has had a good run, served an important purpose and was supported by a number of excellent computer experts.
Concurrent with this event, I am terminating the domain address info@HoffmanforSenate.us
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Independent candidate Herbert Hoffman: ‘Impeachment – there is still time’

Sent by Herbert Hoffman to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Hoffman For Senate

For more information, contact:
Herbert Hoffman info@hoffmanforsenate.us 207-646-5431

Dear Friends and Supporters,

There is still time to come to the aid of our Nation! President-elect Obama campaigned as a progressive and a left-leaning Democrat.

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Former independent US Senatorial candidate says it’s not too late to impeach Bush and Cheney

via contact.ipr@gmail.com


Dear Tom,

You and I have spoken over the years about a number of different items for your consideration as a Congressman. Most recently the central issue that concerned me has been the impeachment of the Vice President and the President.

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Independent running for Maine Senate seat offers invitation, gives instructions on how to write-in his name

Excerpts from an email from Herbert Hoffman, an independent running to represent Maine in the US Senate:

INVITATION! I am having an election night gathering at my home in Ogunquit beginning at 7:30 PM. The address is 42 Juniper Lane and I am requesting an RSVP by 9 PM tonight so that we can plan.
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A fight between an independent and a Democrat in the Maine race for US Senate

A press release from Herbert Hoffman, independent running to represent Maine in the Senate:

November 2, 2008
Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Herbert Hoffman issued the following statement Sunday in response to reports that Democrat Tom Allen’s handlers would not let Allen meet with the editors of The Portland Phoenix unless the paper agreed not to interview Hoffman.
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Herb Hoffman, Independent candidate for the United States Senate, says Bail Out Bill puts Constitution at Risk

Ogunquit, Maine: Herb Hoffman, Independent candidate for the United States Senate, today called upon Senators Collins and Snowe, Congressmen Allen and Michaud to not approve the “Bail Out” bill currently before the Congress. As presented by the Bush administration, “this bill, if passed, in its current form would seal the destruction of the balance of powers so carefully crafted in the Constitution of the United States.… Read more ...

Write-in candidate for Maine Senate seat challenges opponents to a debate

“It is time for candidates to debate the most pressing issues affecting this nation and not focus on ‘Swift Boat’ propoganda,” says Herbert Hoffman, independent candidate for US Senate. The statement comes in response to a series of attack ads on the incumbent, Susan Collins, and her Democratic challenger, Tom Allen.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party, third-party and independent candidates for U.S. Senate react to FISA

In a press release issued yesterday, the Libertarian Party said Barack Obama had a chance to stand for liberty bud didn’t. “Civil liberties were violated, and only 28 senators cared to see justice served,” said Libertarian Party spokesperson Andrew Davis, “and Barack Obama was not one of them.”

The party is referring, of course, to Obama’s support of FISA and retroactive telecom immunity, which he originally said he would not support.… Read more ...

Independent candidate for U.S. Senate: ‘The drumbeat of war is heard in Maine’

Herbert Hoffman is an independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine. Recently, he condemned Maine’s entire congressional delegation for unanimously voting to bring the U.S. closer to war with Iran.

At a campaign event in Brookline, Mass., Hoffman said, “The entire delegation has signed on to legislation that, if enacted, could be construed as an act of war against Iran.… Read more ...