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Green Party of Suffolk supports council districts for Huntington

From a Green Party of Suffolk Press Release:

Green Party Supports Council Districts In Huntington, NY

The Green Party of Suffolk supports the proposition to bring council districts to Huntington town,” said its chair Roger Snyder, a Huntington resident. “A key value of the Green Party is Grassroots Democracy, and it is clear that at-large districts are the farthest from that ideal.”… Read more ...

Portrait of a local election: an independent and third party perspective

This was posted at our blog, www.onthewilderside.com. I realized that while the article is specific to Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, some of the themes and strategies might be interesting as a snapshot of independent and third party action in local elections. -Kimberly Wilder

from onthewilderside.com
Ian and Kimberly’s Somewhat Random Comments on the Upcoming 2009 Suffolk County Elections
[third party]

Kimberly went to the Suffolk County Board of Elections and filled out some Freedom of Information (FOIL) requests.… Read more ...

Conservatives, Libertarians back local New York candidate

Newsday reports Peter Nichols failed to gather enough signatures to force a Republican primary in the race for Huntington, New York, town supervisor, but still has the backing of the Huntington Conservative Party and the Suffolk County Libertarian Party. Nichols “must secure and submit 1,500 signatures to the Suffolk County Board of Elections by Aug.… Read more ...

Thursday, April 23, 2009: “Do we need a national third party?” debate in Long Island, NY

A third party event will be held Thursday, April 23rd at 7 PM at the Huntington Public Library 338 Main Street Huntington, NY. The event, hosted by The Huntington Chapter of the Long Island Progressive Coalition is part of their “Patriot Games” series.

The topic at hand is “Do we need a national third party?”… Read more ...